#20 bombs exploding and removing all bullets from inventory


So I stuck the nethack 3.4.3 Ferment code into my game and I was wondering if the timeout.h structure I have set up is the reason why when bombs explode they take all the bullets from the inventory like they didn't even exist.

This is the structure in timeout:

* Timeout functions. Add a define here, then put it in the table
* in timeout.c. "One more level of indirection will fix everything."
#define ROT_ORGANIC 0 /* for buried organics */
#define ROT_CORPSE 1
#define MOLDY_CORPSE 2
#define REVIVE_MON 3
#define BURN_OBJECT 4
#define HATCH_EGG 5
#define FERMENT 7
#define UNPOLY_MON 8
# ifdef FIREARMS
#define BOMB_BLOW 9
#define UNPOLY_OBJ 10
#define NUM_TIME_FUNCS 11
# else
#define NUM_TIME_FUNCS 10
# endif
# else /* FIREARMS */
#define UNPOLY_OBJ 9
#define NUM_TIME_FUNCS 10
# else
#define NUM_TIME_FUNCS 9
# endif
# endif /* FIREARMS */

/* used in timeout.c */
and I was wondering if that was why the bombs were doing this.


  • hjfhgf jhjkgkjg

    hjfhgf jhjkgkjg - 2010-03-08

    I noticed in the code of dothrow that there is a commented reference to bombs exploding and bullets vanishing. I am now having that problem with my game, and I think that it might be the artifact rifle named blunderbuss and its code for exploding bullets (that is just the hellfire code doubled and magical exploding bullets being in place of the bolts) is there any way to get the bullets to stay put

  • hjfhgf jhjkgkjg

    hjfhgf jhjkgkjg - 2010-03-23

    so I altered a line (either I had put in {doexplode i think} or was already there) involving delquan, and the bullets no longer remove the bullets.

  • Silas Dunsmore

    Silas Dunsmore - 2010-03-24

    I'd like to see snippets of the code, before and after this change.

    (Or, better, a unified-diff of the change.)

    I don't think anyone can give useful feedback without this.

  • hjfhgf jhjkgkjg

    hjfhgf jhjkgkjg - 2011-01-14

    I can't make a diff because I don't know how. Also the diff would have ALL the changed lines in the code (right?) and there are more than 5000 changed or added lines..
    (my build folder is for the 2 new mages and pirate class and jedi class plus rivers 2 more minestowns and a bunch of other stuff)


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