Chad Hardin - 2002-01-21

In order to facilitate rapid, easy, and collaborative development, I'm restarting development of SGstep from scratch.

The goal is to use the CVS services from Sourceforge to have a complete and automatic source-based distribution.
Right now I'm doing all this stuff by scratch and it's a hampers process considerably

Using the above system means that:
1.  you can download the source form cvs, type make, and the ystem will build the iso image(s), including building RPMs.
2.  Porting will be possible
3.contributions will be easily made.

Basically you'll DL the CVS source, type make, wait about 24hrs (really) and out will pop an iso image.  if you encounter a problem while compiling, simply fix it and upload you r changes to via CVS. 
Note that you need a separate partition to use this method because the process is
1. build
2. boot into new build
3 complete building

Note that this partitioon will have to be several *Gigabytes*,I'm thinking at least 4GB, so you may want to entertatain buying a new HD if you plan to contribute.

Of course pre-buil ISO images will still be made and available for DL!