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New packages

I've added all the new, very nice stuff from the ImageApps Collection.
the sgstep-meta-user package has been bumped up to version 0.0.4 as well.

New Stuff:
ImageKits :Frameworks used by all the ImageApp's applications
Preview :A general purpose viewer
ViewPDF :A specialized PDF viewer, it can also navigate PDFs
Camera: :Downloads images from your digital camera
ImagesManager :Use it to manage your image collection... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2004-01-11

GNUMail & Pantomime updated

New packages for GNUMail and Pantomime are available. Just do an "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade"

Note that the SimplyGNUStep repository has moved.

So to keep up with releases, change "/etc/apt/sources.list" to:

deb binary-i386/
deb-src source/

and you're all set

Posted by Chad Hardin 2004-01-04

Repository moved

The repository has been moved from the SourceForge website to the new website.

In order to kep getting software updates you need to change /etc/apt/sources.list to have the following:

deb binary-i386/
deb-src source/

and you're all set

make sure you do a:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

afterwards... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2004-01-04

More new packages and updates

The following packages have been updated:

Renaissance to 0.8.0
Addresses to 0.4.4
gnustep-gui (has a patch in it for themes, see below)
sgstep-meta-user (added the new VCFViewer from Addresses)

As usual, do a

apt-get update

and then a

apt-get upgrade

For those of you who want to try a new L&F for GNUstep, grab the sgstep-camaelon package (apt-get install sgstep-camaelon)

Please notify me of any problems.... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-11-29

New Packages

The repository has been updated.

Gorm has been updated to 0.5.0

StepTalk is now at 0.8.1

GSMBrowser has been updated (it doesn't have numbered releases)


Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-11-28

GNUstep packages upgraded

I've upgraded all the gnustep packages to the newly released versions.

Please try them out by doing an:

apt-get update

and then

apt-get upgrade

These new releases worked fine for me but please feel free to try them out and report any problems.

The gnustep-back package is still configure to use the x11 backend. I think I will be changing that soon to libart soon though.

I'm currently working on Gorm-0.5.0, it should be ready within 24hrs.... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-11-26

More packages

There are new lot's of new packages to grab, for those of you you where able to install Debian Sarge and set everything up.

to get them do a "apt-get update"
and then an "apt-get dist-upgrade"

That's all there is to it!


Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-10-19

Debian Sarge packages available

Ok, I make a whole mess of Debian Packages for GNUstep. Some of them are based upon the actual Debian packages but I made most of them myself.
Unlike the Debian packages, these packages install in a more friendly manner.

Local is in /
System is in /System
and Networks is in, you guessed it, /Network

Most of the applications install into /Applications. Development stuff goes in /Applications/Developer. Games are in /Applications/Games... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-10-19

New Release soon...

A milestone has been hit. The source tree now compiles completely and spits out cd rom-iso images. I'm currently tweaking the images so they properly boot up.

For now it will simply boot up and attempt to start X11 and GNUstep. Still no installer.

Time frame for next release is two weeks!

Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-07-06


First release of GSDock, which is intended to be the Dock for Prometheus available at

Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-07-06

Website Updated

New website, check it out!

Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-07-06


I'm now working with the 2.5.xx kernels so that when 2.6 comes out, we'll be ready for it immediately.

The kernel s now configured with practically no drivers compiled in, even the ide disk drivers. Instead, ide and all the scsi dirvers are modules. How the heck can you boot, you ask? Well, the magic of initrd. the bootloader loads the kernel AND a minimal filesystem image and runs that. this image then figures out if you have a ide and/or scsi then finds the boot device and drives on. As an added benefit, the kernel for the install disc and the installation are exactly the same.... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2003-02-02


The iso image which is available for DL is old and not easy to configure. It is not for the average user. I am currently in the process of reworking the entire tree (you can browse it in CVS, the module is Prometheus)

If you do DL the current iso image, please note that I cannot help you with installing it. I am currently too busy trying to get the newest version up and running.

Please be patient.... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-12-26

Note about CVS

The module to check out is called Prometheus. This will be the final name of the distrobution.

Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-12-16

Uploaded to CVS

The new and shiny source is now in CVS.
This source now downloads the sources to all of the packages and such that is needed instead of actually containing them. Note that it is still a work in progess and may not compile fully.

must be built as "root" because it does multiple chroots. You can work around this by configuring your system appropriately.


Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-12-16

Source Restructure

I'm currently doing a major overhaul of the source tree.
The major thing I'm doing is removing all the source codes for the packages and making it so the tree will DL the source when it is built. This will reduce the tree from a size of 3.5GB to under 300K or so. This will allow the source tree to be put into CVS so anyone can help out.
I'm also modifying how the packages are installed so the tree is much "cleaner", logical, and easier to understand.... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-11-14

Interim Developer #1 Released

Simply GNUstep Interim Developer #1 was release on Spetember 8th. This release is intended to provide a easy to use development platform for developing GNUstep apps as well as being a test run for the distrobution as a whole.

Please check the notes for the release for more info!

Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-09-09

Interim Developer Release

I've shifted focus on creating a release purely for developers who want to code in GNUstep. It will have a basic installer so users are not advised to try it out.

I cant give a timeline since I'm so busy right now with school and work. Rest assured I do work on it little by little though.



Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-08-11

New Releas: Stage2-pre1

Both the source code and a pre-made ISO image are available for download.

You can get it at:

Step2 is a step backward from the users point of view. There is no GUI, no X11, not even GNUstep.

But the complete source code is available, and it automatically compiles and creates bootable CD-ROM ISO images.

What's needed next is to integrate hardware detection and module loading, including USB keyboards and mice. ... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-05-07

Release Schedule Changed and Etc

I changed the release schedule/criteria

The initial source to the distro will be released very soon. It will be about a 250MB DL (bzip2 -9ed :-)

You'll need a separate HD partition to play with it fully, I strongly recomend you use some type of virtual machine to test it.
Basically the source will automagically build a complete linux system from scratch (many thanks to Linux From Scratch) using the latest GCC compiler, linux kernel, etc. You can then boot into this new system.
Note: it may turn out that this extra step of rebooting is not necessary, we'll see...)
To those who DL it: I'm particularly interested in these things:
USB keyboard, mouse
SCSI support
SMP problems
Modifying the build scripts to take advanteage of SMP systems (ie: make -j)... read more

Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-03-23