#396 Superuser switching to anonymous after selecting folder (on new install)


Simple Groupware version: 0.745
Simple Groupware language: Greek, English
PHP Version: PHP 5.4.20
Database + Version: MariaDB 5.5.33
Server OS: OpenSUSE 13.1 x64
Webserver: Apache 2.4.6
Used webbrowser + Version: Firefox 25, Chromium 31
Your role: Admin/Tester

My problem is that after initial install after logging in as superuser, clicking to any folder switches me to anonymous thus breaking the whole installation as I can't even add another user to test if that happens for any other user.

It can be reproduced on a new installation as such:
-Do a fresh install
-Log out after installation
-Log in with super user credentials
-Select ANY folder to navigate to
-Watch user change to anonymous below the top menu (no message, error or otherwise shown), thus can't access /Workspace/System/Events

I've expected it to work like this:
-Staying in superuser mode and working correctly

Things I've checked/tried:
-DB user is set at root during setup
-Permissions in web root are world writable
-Cleared up browser cache and cookies

Thank you in advance

PS. Kudos for an awesome (at first sight at least) groupware. I'll be evaluating it to use it in my business to replace old file based ISO/HACCP documentation and augment mostly ever other business process I can find a use for it, once I make it work.


  • Vlad Zaritsky

    Vlad Zaritsky - 2014-11-21

    I have the same problem..
    I do not want to create new tickets, as problems may depend on each other.

    PART (1)

    OS openSUSE 13.1 x86_64 (kernel-default 3.11.10), Apache 2.4.6, PHP 5.4.20
    PostgreSQL 9.2.7 (database with ru_RU.UTF8 character type) + PostGIS 1.5.8
    Language tested English, Russian
    Right access to folders is set as recommended in Q&A, next time all folders reset to 777 with user wwwrun:www (Apache2). The HTTP server was configured to listen port 88. Root folder available like

    Used SeaMonkey 2.30 or FireFox Browser on WIN7 or SUSE 13x.
    Account admin/admin used.

    When I make relogin at current folder point is Workplace -> Organisation -> User, I can get "User - admin" for one click only.

    Next if I click on "New" (New user) then "User - anonymous" seen again and red notification: Item(s) not found or access denied. (view=new)

    PART (2)

    While clicking on folder "User" I have error message in /bin/core/classes/ajax.php (unknown index $_SESSION["style"]) Remove this: "style" => $_SESSION["style"] will remove error but I do not sure in correct future tree_get_category function work.

    PART (3)

    While installation run I have two error's in pgsql.sql file at the sentence:

    create or replace view show_processlist as
    procpid as "Id", 
    usename as "User",
    '' as "Host",
    datname as db,
    current_query as "Command", 
    backend_start as "Time",
    '' as "State",
    '' as "Info"
    from pg_stat_activity);

    You will to change incorrect field names for PostgreSQL 9:

    procpid -> pid
    current_query -> query

    I must to select, install and test suitable Groupware within next 3-5 days, so if you want make your job better -- feel free to ask another details or my help with this ticket.



    I will look around the code and found a "debug mode" switches, so under self registration process the programm to try to write 52 character long data to simple_sys_session.id field vachar(40) -- expand it to varchar(64) no more this error.

    Last edit: Vlad Zaritsky 2014-11-21

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