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Simple Groupware 0.745 released

A fix was applied for closing the sesson with APC installed.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2012-03-10

Simple Groupware 0.743 released

A fix was applied for a XSS vulnerability.
Handling for offline folders was changed.
Other changes were applied to iCalendar exports and synchronizing birthdays with Funambol.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2012-02-02

Simple Groupware 0.742 released

Some smaller fixes were applied.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2012-01-23

Simple Groupware 0.741 released

A calendar view was added to the departments module containing absence information.
Also browser detection for Firefox 10 and some smaller bug fixes were added.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2012-01-15

Simple Groupware 0.740 released

An archive function was added to the IMAP module.
The Alternative PHP Cache was added for faster caching and sessions.
A notification was implemented for unsaved forms.
The admin overview page was extended with information about cache and disk usage.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2012-01-08

Simple Groupware 0.732 released

Custom date ranges were dropped in the calendar module.
A broken package file was fixed.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-12-28

Simple Groupware 0.731 released

The calendar view from the users module was extended with absences.
A new translation for Portugal / Portuguese was added.
The IMAP module was changed to use seen states from an IMAP server.
A fix was applied to week numbers in the calendar module.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-12-22

Simple Groupware 0.730 released

New modules were added for employee contracts and absence.
A reverse lookup was added for members of contract groups.
sgsML was extended with new attributes to disable notification and bgcolor fields.
Updates were applied to the PmWiki engine and the Czech translation.
A sync4j warning was fixed.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-12-11

Simple Groupware 0.727 released

Fixes were applied to updating assets in merged folders and moving meta information in CIFS and FS data handlers.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-11-19

Simple Groupware 0.726 released

A fix was applied to searching and composing mails in the IMAP module.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-11-14

Simple Groupware 0.725 released

A field for phone numbers was added to the companies module together with fields for a private fax number and homepage in the contacts module.
The sync4j code was extended with a check for database time mismatch.
A vertical mode and automatic timestamp translation was added to the SQL console.
The Czech and Spanish translation was updated.
Missing icons for the tree icons theme were added.
Fixes were applied to caching IMAP messages and compatibility to PHP 5.3 and 5.4.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-11-09

Simple Groupware 0.724 released

A close button was added to the preview panes when there are no tabs.
The caching for folder counts was fixed for system modules.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-09-13

Simple Groupware 0.723 released

A fix was applied to checkboxes in the list view.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-09-10

Simple Groupware 0.722 released

A new data handler was implemented for Google Docs together with a preview for internet shortcut files.
The files, calendar and portal modules were expanded with a vertical preview pane.
The Spanish translation was updated.
A fix was applied to NOMODSEQ handling in the IMAP module.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-09-10

Simple Groupware 0.721 released

A new module was implemented for console scripts.
For super administrators, a customization bar was added to each page.
The Italian translation was updated.
An option was added to install extensions without an internet connection.
A fix was applied to changing customized fields.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-07-31

Simple Groupware 0.720 released

A new module was implemented for customizing fields in other modules.
Options were added to hide columns in HTML exports and skip subfolders in the search.
The timesheet module was extended with a new view for canceled entries and a holiday category.
The performance was improved for counting assets.
Custom functions were enabled in Simple Spreadsheet when running inside an iframe.
The htaccess rules for the WebDAV server were cleaned up.
Updating funambol contact items was changed to ignore unmatched items.
A fix was applied to summing up empty values in Simple Spreadsheet.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-06-23

Simple Groupware 0.711 released

The performance was optimized for database lookups.
A fix was applied to a Javascript error in the Internet Explorer.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-04-20

Simple Groupware 0.710 released

A new importer was implemented using spreadsheet files (.xls).
Quick links were added to the top menu bar for creating new items.
A lightbox was added to the gallery module.
Text wrapping was added to the spreadsheet export.
Adjustments were made to time limits in some scripts.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-04-17

Simple Groupware 0.709 released

New buttons were added ro tun actions on multiple assets in timesheets.
Invalid file extensions were made configurable.
A fix was applied to single select boxes in the edit view.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-03-24

Simple Groupware 0.708 released

Rebuilding the search index for custom modules was added.
A fix was applied to creating appointments with PostgreSQL.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-03-08

Simple Groupware 0.707 released

A new button was added to save new assets and open them in the "Edit" view afterwards.
The parameter "no_permissions" was added to the dbselect method.
A fix was applied to taking values from popups.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-02-27

Simple Groupware 0.706 released

A fix was applied to missing entries in select boxes.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-02-22

Simple Groupware 0.705 released

The Italian hour format was changed.
A new translation for Finnish was added and the Croatian translation was updated.
A fix was applied to creating departments in popup mode.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-02-21

Simple Groupware 0.704 released

A new module was added for creating Intranet pages.
Paging was implemented for lookups in new/edit forms.
New keyboard shortcuts were added for navigating through tabs and the tree.
A new tab was added which merges all tabs in one view.
The email reminders were redesigned and the Slovak translation was updated.
Fixes were applied to duplicate folders in WebDAV and resetting the display_errors variable in setup settings.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-02-15

Simple Groupware 0.703 released

Google Code was added as a mirror for the updater.
The image preview was extended with a link to Google Maps using GPS data from EXIF headers.
A "send now" option was implement for IMAP and the emails module.
The Archive_Tar library was updated to the latest version.
Fixes were applied to the payroll trigger and the float type in PostgreSQL.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-02-05

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