#33 update simpletest + eclipse plugin to support TestSuites


This patch (and accompanying binary, should you wish to try it) now
supports the latest version of simpletest (trunk, as of 2009 05 21).

1.0.1 of simpletest used GroupTest class, this has been removed from
simpletest in trunk and replaced by the TestSuite class instead.

The plugin generated a php file that made a GroupTest instance and added
the file being used by the "Run As/Debug As SimpleTest" Eclipse IDE
Launcher action.

This set of patches contains three areas of change:
1) update the code generator in the plugin to generate updated code that uses TestSuite
2) update the UI of the eclipse plugin to use way smaller margins so the UI doesn't take up so much room
3) update the simpletest eclipse reporter (eclipse.php) and it's base class so it works with the updated simpletest base classes.

note: this is a resubmission of resubmission of ID: 2794869 due to file attachment problems


  • Dominic Clifton

    Dominic Clifton - 2009-05-21

    I'm unable to upload the binaries to sourceforge due to size (must be less than <256k, size is 940k ish)

    I will upload them somewhere and provide a url at a later date.

    Please also note that the trunk of the eclipse plugin in svn has a release version lower than the published eclipse plugin (0.2.5) so it may be missing features that have been published in the binary only format.

    I would be grateful if the other eclipse plugin developers could please commit their changes and merge with this.

    I've called this version 0.2.6 to avoid confusion (and the attached packages reflect this), even though it may have LESS features than 0.2.5 but i've not been able to find anything wrong with it in my limited testing.


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