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SimpleTest 1.0.1 released


Probably the longest point release in history, but it's here. This is the last version that supports PHP 4.

Compared to the 1.0 version, there is much better PHP 5 support (all the way up to PHP 5.3) as long as E_STRICT is not enabled. The mocks support type hinting and interface mocking, the whole system properly supports exceptions and there are many small improvements to the web browser.... read more

Posted by Marcus Baker 2008-04-08

SimpleTest 1.0.1RC1 release


Nearly the last release that supports PHP4. Includes some bug fixes and enhancements, especially in handling exceptions. In addition mocks can now throw errors and exceptions.

The documentation is still catching up.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2008-03-25

SimpleTest moved to SVN - don't use CVS!

The SimpleTest code is now developed on Subversion, no longer on CVS. This means that if you normally use CVS snapshots, these will gradually go out of date.

Please see the Sourceforge docs for how to access the simpletest code (from simpletest/simpletest/trunk) until we update our own docs.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2007-12-02

SimpleTest 1.0.1 beta 2 release

New features are autorun, and browser base tag support. This is the last feature release supporting all PHP versions from 4.2.3 to 5.2.2. There will follow an RC1 for bug fixing and then a final release. After that SimpleTest will be PHP 5.1+ only.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2007-07-17

PHP 5.2 often breaks SimpleTest


Looks like about 2/3 of users of PHP 5.2 are having trouble with either the error handling or mock objects with multiple interfaces. Basically, if the self test suite hangs or throws errors, you've got trouble. Another version will be available shortly.

PHP 5.1.6 should work fine.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2006-12-18

SimpleTest 1.0.1 beta release


This is an updated PHP 5 compatibility release. It should work with every version of PHP from 4.2 up to 5.2 (please let me know if it doesn't).

Features include: expectException(), proper skip facility, greater formatting control in the reporters and various mock object compatibility fixes.

Note that thisis still a PHP4 compatible version. It will not run under E_STRICT.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2006-11-21

Back to work


After a breeding break I'm finally back on the case with SimpleTest. The next release will be mainly bug fixes. Most other upcoming work will be dedicated to the PHP5 only version.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2006-11-03

expectException() currently broken in CVS

If you are using the CVS version of SimpleTest, the expectException() method has stopped working. Hopefully this should be patched in a couple of days.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2006-06-30

Sourceforge problems holding up issue resolutions


I cannot seem to get non anonymous CVS access at the moment. This makes it difficult to check in fixes, etc. Work is being done on patches and bug reports, and this should appear once the Sourceforge CVS server is back up.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2006-04-02

SimpleTest 1.0.1 alpha3 release


This release should resolve all of the PHP 5 compatibility issues, including the SPL problems. In addition there has been a simplification of the reporting internals, exceptions are now trapped and there have been lot's of browser form fixes. This is a recommended upgrade.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2006-02-07

SimpleTest PHP5.0.2 fixes

SimpeTest now works with PHP5.0.2 again. This should mean that it now works with every PHP version from 4.2 up.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2006-01-03

SimpleTest CVS works with PHP5.1

An official working tarball is a few weeks away, but if you don't mind the hassle of a pserver checkout, then you can get a notice free SimpleTest from CVS.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-12-14

PHP 5.0.5 reference bugs fixed in CVS

The irritating notices that PHP now throws are worked around in the current CVS. They should roll out in the 1.0.1aplha3 release. This will hopefully be out before Xmas.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-12-04

SimpleTest 1.0.1alpha2 release


This version still has PHP5.1 glitches and some bugs still to fix. I am without a net connection for the next couple of weeks though, so this is to tide people over.

This version simplifies mock object usage and makes them much more PHP5 compatible. There are also a raft of name changes with old name deprecations.


Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-09-15

SimpleTest 1.0.1 alpha release

It's been a while since the last update. This is mainly a maintanence release, but does add some additional features to the web tester. In particular, HTML labels can be used to identify clickable elements and file uploads are now supported. SimpleTest provides unit testing, mock objects and web testing framework for PHP built around test cases. If you know JUnit or some of the PHPUnit clones this will need no explanation. It also adds JWebUnit style testing including cookies, authentication and form handling

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-07-28

SimpleTest Eclipse plug-in

An early alpha release of an Eclipse plug-in for SimpleTest has been released. If you are using one of the Eclipse PHP plug-ins and what to integrate unit and web testing, then this may be for you.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-07-27

SimpleTest and PHP4.4

You will get an awful lot of notices in PHP4 using SimpleTest 1.0. The current CVS build, 1.0.1alpha, is notice clean.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-07-21

PEAR channel installable version of SimpleTest

Demian Turner has put together a PEAR channel version of SimpleTest. This is identical to teh tarball release except that it does not include the HTML docs that are normally bundled. These will be bundled later as a separate download.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-05-30

Reorganisation of file releases

I have renamed teh package structure describing the release. It had a rather strange naming system, now simplified. If you were monitoring the old pacakge, sorry, but you will have to resubscribe. I feel it is better to get this out of the way.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-05-30

The all_tests script broken by new statistics

Unfortunately the test suite use the SF project pages as a test sample within the test suite. The (welcome) reinstatement of that system now means that those tests fail. A version 1.0.1 is due shortly and these tests will be modified in that version.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-05-24

SimpleTest 1.0 release

SimpleTest finally hits the stable version 1.0 milestone. This is a PHP unit tester, web tester and mock objects generator. It's a developer tool for test driven development of web applications. It comes with a scriptable web browser that can also be used independently of the rest of the package.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-02-26

SimpleTest 1.0RC2 release

This is the last revision before the 1.0 final release. It's a comprehensive bug fix version.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-02-13

All tests can use more than 8MB

When running the bundled all_tests.php script you may find the script fails to complete. This is likely due to the test suite overrunning the default 8MB memory limit set in your php.ini file. Workarounds are to increase this limit, or to run the tests on the command line.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-02-09

Replacement label matching in upcoming RC2

SimpleTest RC2 has altered the way it matches link and button labels. Previously raw HTML had to be matched exactly. This was fiddly if formatting appeared in labels. This has now been replaced with a visible text match. Formatting is removed and whitespace is normalised. If you were previously matching bits of HTML then this wil break your legacy tests. The upside is that this is a much requested change and makes clicking very much easier.... read more

Posted by Marcus Baker 2004-12-06

SimpleTest 1.0RC1 release

The PHP web tester and unit testing framework is now complete and tested with PHP4 and PHP5. The main upgrades are full frames support and a reduced memory footprint. There is now a feature freeze until the official 1.0 release while the documentation catches up.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2004-08-26