#24 code coverage


Patch includes ability to run code coverage.

I had trouble a little with integrating with autorun because autorun calls exit, this needs to fixed before this patch can be accepted.


Each of these dependencies can be moved into optional implementations are replaced with simpler implementations.

I also attached script to run coverage on simpletest itself and the results.

Please be critical of patch, i won't be offended.


  • Douglas Hubler

    Douglas Hubler - 2008-10-16

    File Added: coverage_report

  • Mark Rickerby

    Mark Rickerby - 2008-10-17
    • assigned_to: nobody --> maetl_
    • status: open --> pending
  • Mark Rickerby

    Mark Rickerby - 2008-10-18

    The patch works, but is throwing notice errors repeatedly as it generates the coverage report:

    Notice: Undefined offset: 478 in /Users/maetl/Projects/Web/tools/simpletest/simpletest/trunk/coverage.php on line 290

    Call Stack:
    0.0008 1. {main}() /Users/maetl/Projects/Web/tools/simpletest/simpletest/trunk/test/simpletest_coverage.php:0
    0.0899 2. CoverageReporter->generate() /Users/maetl/Projects/Web/tools/simpletest/simpletest/trunk/test/simpletest_coverage.php:34
    44.9249 3. CoverageReporter->generateCoverageByFile() /Users/maetl/Projects/Web/tools/simpletest/simpletest/trunk/coverage.php:249
    44.9250 4. CoverageReporter->coverageByFileVariables() /Users/maetl/Projects/Web/tools/simpletest/simpletest/trunk/coverage.php:257

  • Douglas Hubler

    Douglas Hubler - 2008-10-18

    duplicated, I will at this tomorrow.

  • Douglas Hubler

    Douglas Hubler - 2008-10-18
    • status: pending --> open
  • Douglas Hubler

    Douglas Hubler - 2008-10-20

    Update fix notice errors
    File Added: simpletest-code-coverage-updated-01.patch

  • Douglas Hubler

    Douglas Hubler - 2008-10-20

    fix, use auto_prepend_file, not auto_append_file

  • Douglas Hubler

    Douglas Hubler - 2008-10-20

    File Added: coverage_report


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