#8 Delete mail doesn't work


I use to simplecheck to tell me when new email is in. To see who it is from and delete obvious spam. But delete seems very unreliable, in fact I'm not sure it ever works. At least 9/10 it never works.

I mark the mail as delete and click update and the mail disappears, but on the next regular check is it back again. And if I delete then fire up the mail client this deleted mail is downloaded. It seems like all delete does is to hide the mail, delete it from the list, not delete it on the server.

Is this related to the quit bug? Does my server need to quit to action the commands I wonder.


  • simplecheck

    simplecheck - 2011-05-24

    The Delete commands work. They delete the messages on the server.

    SimpleCheck can cache messages optionally on the client PC in the "Saved Messages Directory". This option is setup on the Common tab of Settings. This option greatly speeds up re-reading of messages. Try Clearing the Message Logs (accessed under the MailBox Menu). Sometimes odd characters are invisibly inserted into the Subject line by the originating sender which can cause problems. After clearing the Message Log all remaining message entries will be re-read from the server to the MailBox window upon the next mail check.

    We will be adding a more rigorous management of the Message Logs including a reconciliation with the MailBox window in a future version.

    SimpleCheck Administrator

  • simplecheck

    simplecheck - 2011-05-24
    • status: open --> open-works-for-me

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