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SimpleCheck 8.0.4

Although this release took much longer than we would have liked, it does have some significant enhancements and fixes. In particular, the new MailBox Folders feature that allows messages to be classified into categories is very nice. Review the Enhancement file for a complete list of changes.

Posted by simplecheck 2012-07-01

SimpleCheck-Updates Mailing List

To Subscribe to the SimpleCheck-Updates Mailing List use this URL:

Posted by simplecheck 2011-05-22

SimpleCheck 8.0.3a

SimpleCheck 8.0.3a is finally ready for release. It was necessary to do a major redesign of the Install utility and the Profile management tools. These changes, along with additional bug fixes, required a lot of testing. This should be a very stable version as a base for more significant enhancements yet to come.

Posted by simplecheck 2011-05-22

SimpleCheck 8.0.3

Certain bugs have come to our attention in version 8.0.3 so it was withdrawn. It will be re-released shortly as Version 8.0.3a after the bugs are fixed.

Posted by simplecheck 2011-02-09

SimpleCheck 8.0.3

SimpleCheck 8.0.3 fixes many bugs and adds several new features including new larger toolbar buttons; a redesigned setup program for all supported versions of Windows which supports the Auto-Update feature.

SimpleCheck Administrator

Posted by simplecheck 2011-02-08

SimpleCheck 8.0.2

SimpleCheck 8.0.2 fixes several bugs and annoyances with respect to focus and consistency in various parts of the application. SimpleSend has several new features, including a double-click BCC fill-in with the senders address. Automatic backup of the .scpf profile file is done at startup.

SimpleCheck Administrator

Posted by simplecheck 2010-10-26

SimpleCheck 8.0.0 is Released

The first release of SimpleCheck 8.0.0 is now posted on this project website. It is an interim release with more improvements to come this fall. A change log is included in the download. The new source code and help file update have not been posted yet. This release has been certified to be virus and spyware free by Softpedia.

SimpleCheck Administrator

Posted by simplecheck 2010-07-14

Version 8 Release Schedule Update

We are going to delay the posting of version 8 until the end of June as we have decided to change some fundamental internal memory management to improve reliability and performance. Sorry for the delay.

SimpleCheck Administrator

Posted by simplecheck 2010-06-03

SimpleCheck - Version 8

A new Version 8 of SimpleCheck will be posted on this site by the end of May 2010. This will be an interim release as we will be adding additional new features and functionality to SimpleCheck later in the year.

John Wolff
SimpleCheck Adminstartor

Posted by simplecheck 2010-04-30

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