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SID Player Music Library V2 / News: Recent posts

libsidplay 2.2 Roadmap

Aims for 2.2 are to:

- Try to improve the performance further if possible
- Try to turn libsidplay2 into a generic circuit simulator

If would like to see other changes in libsidplay2 then please make your thoughts known as I'm running out of ideas. As for GUI frontends, I wont be doing those, see sidplay/w and xsidplay for libsidplay2 support.

Sidplay2 itself is intended as a generic console frontend for the library. This will gradually be made redundent by specific GUI frontends. So thoughts should be aimed at changes to the libsidplay2 libraries themselves.

Posted by Simon White 2001-12-16

Sidplay2 0.8 Current State

Sidplay2 0.8 now builds fine under both Windows and Linux. It's pointless releasing Linux files/tar balls because of problems in ReSID. Until these issues are solved a real distribution for Windows and Linux will not be made. I've supplied Mike with patches for xsidplay and have versions of it working fine. The configure process for this new version is a little long winded but hopefully this will improve with time. Please give it a try it and provide feedback/contributions. The CVS HEAD should now be considered stable again.

Posted by Simon White 2001-12-16

sidplay2-0.8 bug readme

Sidplay2-0.8-1win uses ReSID 0.12 as it's SID emulation. It's been found that ReSID 0.12 is broken with respect to some tunes and samples. To make samples work you will need to use the -fs switch. Do not use this switch in hardsid mode.

Posted by Simon White 2001-12-05

libsidplay2 0.7 Release 5

Fixes performance issues of release 4.

Posted by Simon White 2001-11-07

Performance problems with libsidplay2

The libsidplay-2.0.7-4 release has been found to have a
performance related problem that is not present in older
libsidplay-2.0.7-3. This can be solved by obtaining player.bin
from libsidplay-2.0.7-3.tar.gz found at:

A release 5 will be made available soon as libsidplay-2.1.0 is not yet in a releasable state.

Posted by Simon White 2001-11-06

ReSID News, please read

The resid ftp mirror of:

at sourceforge has now been closed. Mirrored files and
patches which libsidplay2 require are now available here
on the file release system.

The following files are original unmodified resid releases:


The following patches are required by libsidplay2:... read more

Posted by Simon White 2001-09-13

Libsidplay update for GCC 2.96

As of release 4 this library the code now builds correctly under GCC 2.96.

Posted by Simon White 2001-05-07

Sidplay2-0.7 Released (Information)

Windows users should download the zip file ( which contains everything you need. The package also contains dlls which can be shared between sidplay2, sidplay/w, etc.

As an example updating the libsidplay2.dll would keep sidplay/w or SidAmp up to date with my developments without requiring you to wait for them to be updated :). An unofficial version of sidplay/w supporting libsidplay2.dll can be found at:... read more

Posted by Simon White 2001-04-03


Should be ready middle of next week. Major C64 improvements include NMI, VIC, CIA. Now supports all types of samples, VIC multispeed tunes, real interrupts, songlength database, SID filter redefinition, loadable configuration file and much more...

Posted by Simon White 2001-03-21