Sidplay2-0.7 Released (Information)

Windows users should download the zip file ( which contains everything you need. The package also contains dlls which can be shared between sidplay2, sidplay/w, etc.

As an example updating the libsidplay2.dll would keep sidplay/w or SidAmp up to date with my developments without requiring you to wait for them to be updated :). An unofficial version of sidplay/w supporting libsidplay2.dll can be found at:

New versions supporting this library will appear there until the code is properly intergrated into the official releases. Hopefully SidAmp support will be available in the near future.

Linux users will need to download the three individual packages. You must obtain one package from each section to get the latest release to work. Should you be downloading the source for libsidplay-2.0.7 then you must obtain a modified version of resid to install on your system. Patches can be obtained from:

From now on these three packages will all be updated seperately and at different times.

Posted by Simon White 2001-04-03

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