New Programmer

  • ClemDogU

    ClemDogU - 2008-02-05

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this project (not to programming), but like you I have a use for SSH programmatically in my .Net applications.  I will do my best to get the updates/fixes/features that you want in this code.  This is the first project I've wanted to donate some of my time.  I'm sure like everyone here I have to juggle many things to get time to debug and test code.  I think that fixing the bugs will be where I will start.  Right now I think some items like threading are out of scope of this project at this time.  If you have code or know the module and line numbers of the offending code it would really help. The 2 bugs I've implemented in my personal code are fixed but not tested.  Please be patient with me and I'll try to have a new release out soon.


    • MrC

      MrC - 2008-02-05

      I've found that questions asked and discussions started on these forums are rarely responded to, I would suggest that you post your message on the Code Project Page for Sharp SSH


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