#17 qtable_accessor and newlines


newlines are replaced by " " in GsTL_project::execute,
so that the command appears on a single line.
However, qtable_accessor uses \n to delimit new rows.
So parameters input from a table are modified. Do the
algo initializations (eg extract search ellipsoid, etc)
account for that or do they expect new rows to be
separated by \n?


  • nicolas

    nicolas - 2007-05-25
    • assigned_to: nobody --> nico97492
  • nicolas

    nicolas - 2007-05-26

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    The algo initializations (eg extract search ellipsoid) simply expect a string with 6 numbers. Whether the numbers are separated by spaces or newlines or tabs has no impact, because the string is converted into a vector of numbers using an istringstream (which treats newlines, spaces and tabs similarly).

    This inconsistency could cause a problem if the parameters to a RunGeostatAlgo command are copied to a parameter file and loaded as such: the table widgets will not be populated correctly, since the rows are not separated by newlines.

    Solution: use another delimiter for rows, for example '|' or '::'. In that case the geostat utilities functions that have to be modified to parse the parameters correctly.


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