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SGeMS-2.1 is out

Version 2.1 is the version that will be distributed with the book Applied Geostatistics with SGeMS: a User's Guide (Cambridge University Press, 2008). It adds several algorithms that were omitted from earlier versions, including a utility to generate training images, kriging with block data, block sequential simulation.

Posted by nicolas 2008-09-29

Version 1.4 of SGeMS is out!

New features include:
* New geostatistics algorithm and tools: filtersim, direct sequential simulation, post-processing of multiple realizations, stand-alone histogram transformations, among others
* Variogram-based algorithm can now be applied to point sets (they were restricted to cartesian grids before)
* A vastly re-designed variogram modeling tool (faster computation code, save/load experimental variograms, display of number of pairs for each point,...)
* Volume rendering will let you hide the parts of the grid you’re not interested in
* A new angle convention, consistent with the convention in use in Earth Sciences: a direction in 3D is now characterized by its azimuth (measured from the North, clockwise) and dip (measured from the horizontal plane, clockwise)
* More consistent parameters input forms for the geostatistics algorithms
* many bug fixes - and possibly many new bugs :(

Posted by nicolas 2006-04-28