Corey Minyard - 2014-01-02

The CKU kermit program has rfc2217 capability, that's how I test. But
it doesn't make a virtual tty. The cyclades client is the only other
one I have ever heard of, but I have not tried it.


On 01/01/2014 05:49 PM, Ricardo Costa wrote:

I can't find a Linux client for ser2net capable of controlling the
port parameters (speed, parity, etc) trough RFC2217.

I tried cyclades-serial-client (the only one I could find) which in
theory should be RFC2217 compliant and aware of the port parameters
change on the client tty, but is never able to make ser2net change the
parameters on the server.

I don't know if its a bug on ser2net or cyclades-serial-client RFC2217
implementation but I tried to connect with HW-VSP from a windows
virtual machine and that proprietary software is able to control
ser2net port speed.

Do you know any software for Linux which creates a virtual tty device
and is able to pass parameters such as baud rate to ser2net?

I use ser2net in an openwrt router to access a remote device that
needs one baud rate in operation but another for configuration and so
I need to change the port speed on the fly.

Any Linux RFC2217 Client for ser2net?

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