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Ser2net 3.4 released

Well, no one has complained about the reworked locking in ser2net 3.4-rc1,
and there have been lots of downloads, so I guess it's time for a release.

No changes from 3.4-rc1.

I don't expect ser2net to be changing a lot from here on out. The only
thing I'd really like to do is convert the configuration file to JSON, but
I would have to maintain backwards compatibility and I'm not sure
if it's worth the effort at this point.... read more

Posted by Corey Minyard 2017-02-17

Ser2net 3.4-rc1 released, with reworked locking

The locking in ser2net left something to be desired in some places, and it really confused Coverity. I've been wanting to fix it from the point where I wrote it, so I finally spent the time to clean it up. This also fixes some issues found by Coverity and LLVM.

This is obviously a release candidate, to let people try it out, in case I really screwed something up.


Posted by Corey Minyard 2017-01-16

Ser2net version 3.3 released, with UDP support

Testing is finished, the new version has UDP support and some bug fixes.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-12-28

Another test version with UDP support uploaded

The version I uploaded yesterday had a significant bug in kickolduser, and a few other minor things. Those are corrected, and a new version is uploaded. File is ser2net-3.2-udp2.tar.gz. I feel better about this version, though it's still preliminary.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-11-29

Test version with UDP support uploaded

I have uploaded ser2net-3.2-udp1.tar.gz to sourceforge. This adds UDP support and some features around UDP support. This is fairly preliminary still. I think I have a good way to handle UDP (which was significantly harder than I thought) but it may still be subject to change based on feedback. And there may be significant bugs. This was fairly complex.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-11-28

Version 3.2 Released

Now that the multi-connection support is done and tested, it's time for a release.

This also contains some bug fixes and cleanups. But to everyone that has asked for multi-connection support, here it is :-).

Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-11-17

Version 3.1 Released

Someone found a rather serious bug that could cause a segv in some circumstances, so I'm updating. There are other less serious fixes in this, but this is all bug fixes.

Another release will be coming soon, someone paid for the much-requested multi connection support and I have a pre-release out for this. It was rather hard to add, as you might imagine, as it touches a lot of stuff in the code. If you are adventurous, you can download ser2net-3.0-mc2.tar.gz or get the multicon-work-4 branch from git. This has all the fixes in 3.1, too. It would be great if others could test this before release. But some details may change depending on how things work out, so this is not a final release.... read more

Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-11-05

Version 3.0 Released

Nothing has been reported for a while, so I guess it's time to release a full version. Changes since 3.0-rc4:

  • Several bug fixes and clean ups
  • Add the ability to flash LEDs on serial port traffic (Linux only for now).
  • Made the serial buffer sizes configurable.



Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-09-21

Version 3.0-rc4 Released

Well, I know I should be getting this more stable, but I went ahead and added threading support to ser2net. (My wife was out of town for the weekend and I thought it would be fun.) It turned out to be fairly complicated, but I think I have everything covered. There may still be race conditions or lockups, so be warned on this release.

I also added epoll support, which was a lot simpler than threading With epoll and threads, you should be able to make ser2net quite scalable. Also, reconfigs run in a separate thread, so a reconfig won't get in the way of normal serial I/O.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-07-26

Version 3.0-rc3 released

Well, there were some issues, I fixed some bugs and added
some missing files. 3.0-rc3 should be much better, it is
uploaded now.

Plus it adds a chardelay-max parameter that gives a max
time to delay before sending. This makes transfer at slow
speed more smooth.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-07-13

Version 3.0-rc1 release

I've been working on new features for ser2net for a while,
it's time to release something for people to play with. New
features are:

  • IPMI Serial Over LAN support - If you've ever wanted to
    connect your automation system to a system with
    IPMI SOL, but didn't want to write a bunch of code to
    handle that, you are now set. You can specify an IPMI
    SOL port and telnet to it.
  • Batching incoming data - This is a fairly large behaviour
    change, ser2net will now attempt to buffer characters
    until it sees a delay, and send them all at once. This
    should make network utilization more efficient.
  • Defaults - You can modify the default values for just
    about every setting now. So if you have a set of
    ports that all have the same options, you can specify
    them all at one using defaults.
  • Rotators - This lets you have one port that will rotate
    between a bunch of other ports. So if you have some
    ports and you don't care which you connect to, a
    rotator will pick a free one from the set.
  • Device file on a separate line - If you have a really
    long device file or a device file with a ":" in it,
    you can now specify it on a separate line and give
    it a name.... read more
Posted by Corey Minyard 2016-07-09

ser2net 2.10 released

Lots of things have changed, and I'm past due for releasing this. Several people fixed bugs and contributed features, thanks to everyone that helped.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2014-10-04

ser2net 2.9 released

A minor update, a new feature (configurable RFC2217 signatures) and a couple of small bug fixes.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2013-07-26

ser2net-2.8-rc2 released

I've uploaded a new release candidate. I added a requested feature, the ability to send a string to the device at open and/or close of the tcp port. I did a major rework of the code to avoid a lot of code duplication, so it's a pretty big change.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2012-04-19

ser2net 2.7 released

This is a new release that adds the feature of storing all the data sent and/or received on a port. The data is sent to file(s) of the user's choosing and a flexible specification for the filename allows date, time, port, etc. to be used as part of the filename.

This new feature was paid for by an organization and then released to open source. Thanks to them for making open source work.

This release has no bug fixes, but does have some documentation corrections and cleanups.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2009-11-03

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