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Sedna 3.2 Released

We are pleased to announce Sedna 3.2 is available for download at:

New Features:

Most important internal improvements include:

* Persistent heap discarded. All metadata is stored just the same way as data does. CDB option "-persistent-heap-size" removed.
* Completely rewritten parser (in Flex/Bison). Means slightly improved XQuery conformancy and much easier enhancement in the future.
* Deadlock detection algorithm was rewritten.... [read more](/p/sedna/news/2009/07/sedna-32-released/)
Posted by Ivan Shcheklein 2009-07-02

Sedna 3.1 New Stable Build (3.1.175)

New Features:

* Sedna Terminal has been significantly improved:
          o Tab-completion for commands and queries (Linux, Mac OS, Solaris).
          o Aliases for frequently used commands (e.g. \q instead of \quit). For details see [4] or type \set? in terminal.
          o There is history now in Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, which is saved in terminal user's home directory.
* SEDNA_LOG_AMMOUNT option for driver [1] and corresponding \LOG_LESS_MODE for terminal [4]. These options allow severely reduced logical log size during bulk-loads at the expense of longer commits.
* Added new option to stop Sedna. Use "se_stop -hard" command to rollback all running transactions immediately. See [2] for details.... [read more](/p/sedna/news/2009/02/sedna-31-new-stable-build-31175/)
Posted by Ivan Shcheklein 2009-02-06

Sedna 3.1 New Stable Build (3.1.126)

Sedna 3.1.126 is available for download at

New Features:

* Full Support for Solaris (x86) operating system. Binaries and sources for Solaris are available at the download page ( 
* Keep Alive Timeout option [1]. It specifies number of seconds session waits for the next request from the same client on the same connection.
* Two new options to tune logical log file size (-log-file-size) and count (-max-log-files). This allows more control on recovery and logical log size. See [5] for details.
* C API library is now provided in multiple versions under Windows: static /MT, static /MD and dynamic. See [2] or [3] for details.... [read more](/p/sedna/news/2008/12/sedna-31-new-stable-build-31126/)
Posted by Ivan Shcheklein 2008-12-20

Sedna 3.1 Released

We are pleased to announce a version 3.1 of the Sedna XML database system

New (since the previous release 3.0):

* Incremental hot backup   (Sedna Administration Guide, section 2.5.3 Hot Backup [1]);
* Rename collection statement  (Sedna Programming Guide, section 2.5.2 Managing Collections [2]);
* Bug fixes.

Important note:

Databases created with previous versions of Sedna will not work properly with Sedna 3.1.
Please, use Export/Import utility to migrate your data to Sedna 3.1 (see Sedna Administration Guide, section 2.5.1 Export/Import Utility [1]).... read more

Posted by Ivan Shcheklein 2008-09-15