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Safe Exam Browser 2.1.3 for Windows released

Safe Exam Browser 2.1.3 for Windows adds support for using Windows system proxy settings and fixes some important issues (therefore it is highly recommended to update as soon as possible):

  • Current versions of Internet Explorer, Edge and Windows 10 complained about an invalid signature of the SEB 2.1.2 installer when downloading or starting it, as Microsoft doesn't accept insecure SHA1 code signatures anymore. SEB 2.1.3 is signed with a new code signing certificate with a secure SHA-256 signature.
  • Added support for system proxy settings (the existing option in SEB Config Tool / Network / Proxies is functional now).
  • Fixed SEB Windows service didn't start properly on some machines and might have caused SEB influencing some other installed applications.
  • Improved stability of resetting registry settings when SEB quits or is started/quit again after not being exited properly.... read more
Posted by Daniel Schneider 2016-07-07

Safe Exam Browser Consortium Launched

Deployment of online examinations at traditional educational institutions and beyond has been increasing steadily, together with the recent rise of massive open online courses (MOOCs). The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a secure and reliable lockdown browser, which is already the open source product of choice for many educational organisations in this context. SEB is known for versatility, its software quality and its engagement with the user, standards and development communities.
However, SEB requires ongoing funding for its maintenance, development and support activities. For this reason ETH Zurich and the SWITCH foundation have decided to launch the SEB Consortium. The Consortium invites further bodies, which may range from educational institutions to companies and public authorities, to join and work together on the promising future of this impressive open-source tool:

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2016-07-01

Safe Exam Browser 2.1.2 for Windows released

Safe Exam Browser 2.1.2 for Windows supports the native HTML5 full screen mode, hardware acceleration in the browser and fixes some minor problems.

See release notes for all changes and read the manual.

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2016-03-24

Safe Exam Browser 2.1.1 for Windows released

Safe Exam Browser 2.1.1 for Windows is compatible with Windows 10, contains improvements when running on Windows 8.1/10 tablets and increases general stability:

  • Safe Exam Browser 2.1.1 is fully compatible with Windows 10, there is no delay when starting up on Windows 10 anymore and Windows updates are paused correctly while SEB is running.
  • Improvements in the touch optimized mode for Windows tablet computers, as better behavior when the on-screen keyboard is displayed and the web page scrolls a text field into the visible area or when moving the cursor in and between text fields.
  • A new setting allows to switch off the on-screen keyboard manually or automatically when a hardware keyboard is connected.
  • Added a sebs:// protocol (in addition to seb://), which forces the use of https for loading a .seb configuration file.
  • Fixed bug which caused SEB being opened multiple times by quickly double clicking more than once.
  • Fixed show keyboard layout SEB task bar widget which couldn't switch to other keyboard layouts in Windows 7.... read more
Posted by Daniel Schneider 2015-12-01

SEB 2.1 for Mac OS X released

Safe Exam Browser 2.1 for Mac OS X offers new features, usability enhancements and includes major security improvements:

  • Buttons for restarting exam, reloading page and a display for the current time improve usability in exams.
  • Full compatibility with OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
  • Now it is possible to configure if you want examinees to be able to use the spell and grammar checker and the OS X dictionary lookup feature.
  • Zooming the entire web page is also possible in addition to only changing text size. Zoom can be disabled completely as well.
  • SEB now detects when the examinee tries to switch to another user account and locks itself down.
  • SEB 2.1 can be configured to always use the more secure internal PDF viewer instead of the Acrobat Reader plug-in.
  • Individual browser user agent strings can be used per exam, SEB also identifies its version now in the user agent.... read more
Posted by Daniel Schneider 2015-11-27

SEB 2.1 for Windows released

Safe Exam Browser 2.1 for Windows includes new features, usability, stability and security improvements:

• SEB 2.1 is the first Safe Exam Browser version featuring a touch optimized mode for Windows tablet computers.
• Buttons for restart exam, reload page, change keyboard layout and display for the current time improve usability in exams.
• New feature which monitors processes and hinders all non-permitted applications to open, become active and display windows while SEB is running.
• Individual proxy settings, URL filters and server certificates can be used per exam.
• The SEB Config Tool has been re-engineered and now allows comfortable editing and testing of SEB configuration files.... read more

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2015-08-19

SEB 2.0.3 for Windows released

Safe Exam Browser 2.0.3 for Windows improves general stability and compatibility with some exam systems, allows to control Flash, Java and JavaScript use and fixes Flash issues with SEB's kiosk modes. SEB 2.0.3 can be used with the (currently experimental) fault-tolerant mode Moodle quiz plugin, which allows to continue quizzes even if the Internet connection to the Moodle server fails.
See release notes for all changes.

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2015-03-06

Safe Exam Browser 2.0 for Mac OS X released

The final version of SEB 2.0 for Mac OS X is a major update with new features, superior usability and strongly improved security.

New features include:
• Comfortable built-in editor for the platform-independent SEB configuration files
• Blocking of OS X screenshots.
• Optional SEB dock/task bar with menu to access open browser windows, quit button.

See release notes and the updated manual for documentation about all new features: read more

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2015-01-15

Safe Exam Browser 2.0.2 for Windows released

Safe Exam Browser 2.0.2 for Windows contains several important bug fixes which increase stability and some new features like a browser log. See release notes for all changes.

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2014-12-10

Safe Exam Browser 2.0.1 for Windows released

The first update 2.0.1 to the much anticipated final release of Safe Exam Browser 2.0 for Windows 7 and 8 is now available. Check out the completely re-engineered SEB 2.0 with a full range of new features and superior usability. Please let us know about your experiences using SEB 2.0 especially in BYOD exam environments. SEB 2.0 for Mac OS X is on its way to be released this Summer, the current stable preview version is already compatible with the final release version for Windows.... read more

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2014-08-21

New Bugfix Version of SEB Windows 1.9.1

New Bugfix Version of SEB Windows 1.9.1 Final Release fixes a bug in the XULRunner browser component. The User Agent String in the "config.json" file has been changed from "SEB" to "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:19.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/19.0 SEB" because some web pages checked it and complained.

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2013-05-30

Stable preview SEB MacOSX 2.0pre2 released

New features:

The Browser Exam Key allows an exam module to authenticate the connecting SEB version and its settings. For the learning management system Moodle a beta version of a plug-in offering this functionality has been released.

New options in the user interface: Size and positioning of browser windows (main window with the quiz and additional browser windows) can be preset. A new indicator shows network activity. Optionally display the standard OS X menu bar and a tool bar in browser windows, functions like reload page, zoom text and browsing back/forward are therefore easier accessible (if desired).... read more

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2013-05-07

Future operating system support

On the occasion of the approaching release of Safe Exam Browser version 2.0 we would like to announce the future operating system support:

Windows: SEB 2.0 will support Windows 7 and above. Windows XP and Vista will not be supported officially anymore.

Mac OS X: SEB 2.0 will support OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above. Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) will not be supported anymore.

By concentrating on current operating systems, our resources for development and testing (which has been intensified recently) can be used more efficiently. Furthermore we can use new technologies of current systems in SEB 2.0 and future SEB versions. Questions and feedback about the future operating system support? Discuss it in our forum at

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2013-04-16

Workshop Online Assessment using SEB April 19

We are pleased to announce another all-day workshop on ‘Online Assessment using the Safe Exam Browser’, as follows:

Date: Friday 19 April 2013
Time: 09.15-16.30
Location: Room HG D 16.2, ETH Zurich, Main Building, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich

More information and registration:

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2013-03-20

Released a patch for exam mode in Moodle 2.3

Released a patch which fixes the exam mode in Moodle 2.3.x used with Safe Exam Browser: The navigation links to other parts of the LMS are not displayed during an exam. The fix will be included in Moodle 2.4.

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2012-11-15

Check out the latest versions of SEB

Version 1.5.2 of Safe Exam Browser for Mac OS X can open additional browser windows, offers many new options and improves the integrity of the SEB environment. Available at and in the Mac App Store.

Version 1.8.2 of Safe Exam Browser for Windows features a new GUI editor called SebWindowsConfig.exe for easy configuration and fixes several bugs:

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2012-03-05

SEB 1.4 for Mac OS X can be preconfigured

SEB MacOSX 1.4 easens the deployment of the application including an individual configuration. The adapted preferences can be written into the application bundle. Then the modified application can be distributed on all exam Mac's and will start up with the right settings (Start URL, passwords etc).

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2011-09-16

SEB Windows 1.7 released

SEB Windows 1.7 easens the configuration and deployment for the teacher. It is now possible to modify the configuration files before rather than after installation, so the students can directly install SEB without patching it by additional configuration files after installation. Also, an Administrative Install via network is now possible.

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2011-08-29

Safe Exam Browser 1.3.1 for Mac released

Safe Exam Browser 1.3.1 for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 Lion is now available to download from and the Mac App Store. Install this version for better compatibility with the soon to be expected OS X 10.7 Lion.

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2011-07-19

SEB RSS News Feed

Now you can subscribe to the SEB news also as a RSS feed, so you won't miss any new program versions in future.

Posted by Daniel Schneider 2011-07-18

New Release SEB Windows 1.6.1

SEB 1.6.1 stores log files as well as ini files in the ProgramData (Win 7) or CommonAppData (Win XP) directory. See documentation for details.

Posted by Dirk Bauer 2011-07-18

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