#243 Remove bug category "rtl"


There's a bug report catagory called "rtl". It has no outstanding bugs. It has had two bugs in the past, it seems those were run-time library bugs. I suggest to remove the "rtl" category and move those two old bugs to the "Run Time Library" category.



  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2008-03-14

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Unfortunately it is not possible to delete a category.

    I just found out that it IS possible to rename it. So I took the opportunity to rename the faulty "msc51" to "mcs51".

    It is also possible to change the category of tracker items. So we could reassign these two to "Run Time Library". And then when we need a new category instead of actually adding a new one we could reuse "rtl" for this new category.

  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2008-12-20

    I think I forgot to close this one. Several months ago I alread reassigned those items.

  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2008-12-20
    • assigned_to: nobody --> maartenbrock
    • status: open --> closed
  • Borut Ražem

    Borut Ražem - 2008-12-26

    I reused / renamed the "rtl" category to "librarian".
    Maarten, you probably didn't close the FR when you reassigned items because the "rtl" category was still there.


  • Maarten Brock

    Maarten Brock - 2008-12-26

    Yes, I probably did. But last week I found it ridiculous to keep this one open just as a reminder to reassign it some day, when a new category was envisioned. So I concluded it was better to close it. And the category was still there, because as I already said, it cannot be removed. But I'm glad it found a new use now.



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