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This is the public issue reporting system for the SBML specification. Everyone in the SBML community is invited to report issues (such as typographical errors, lack of clarity, logical errors, missing information, etc.) using this system for any of the SBML specifications.

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338 Fix 'an event assignment' to 'a set of event assignments' open Lucian Smith 2016-09-12 Reported-Proposed 5  
336 Modify SBO terms to be more general for Parameter, Species, Compartment open Sarah Keating 2016-07-18 Reported-Proposed 5  
333 Layout: no validation rule for must-be-positive attributes open Lucian Smith 2016-04-11 Reported-Proposed 5  
332 Decide semantics of assignment/rule/reaction with no <math> pending Lucian Smith 2016-03-11 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
331 Address the interpretation of rateOf in a stochastic setting pending Michael Hucka 2016-03-04 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
328 Spec should better motivate the 'constant' flag pending Michael Hucka 2016-02-25 Accept-no-conformance-implications 5  
326 Clarify what is meant by UnitDefinition derived from a various units pending Sarah Keating 2016-02-24 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
325 Mention using variable stoichiometries pending Michael Hucka 2016-02-20 Accept-no-conformance-implications 5  
316 Add "id" scoping text to FBC spec open Brett Olivier 2016-02-03 Reported-Proposed 5  
312 looks like it's required pending Lucian Smith 2016-02-02 Accept-no-conformance-implications 5  
304 Resolve SBO terms for hybrid modeling pending Lucian Smith 2016-01-22 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
302 Error in relax-ng schemas open Ali Ebrahim 2015-12-11 Reported-Proposed 5  
300 Be explicit in how packages can 'change mathematics' pending Lucian Smith 2015-12-07 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
298 Move section on "<?xml" pending Lucian Smith Lucian Smith 2015-11-25 Accept-no-conformance-implications 5  
297 Expand scope of Local Parameters? pending Lucian Smith 2015-11-23 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
294 Allow n-ary function definitions? open Lucian Smith 2015-10-16 Reported-Proposed 5  
293 wrong namespace used for the protein modification ontology pending Lucian Smith Nicolas Rodriguez 2015-10-07 Accept-formatting-and-typos 5  
292 Clarify 'must' for assignment rule 'variable' targets pending Lucian Smith 2015-10-05 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
289 FBC V2 typos section 2 open Brett Olivier Brett Olivier 2015-09-14 Accept-formatting-and-typos 5  
288 Clarify whether reactions with species with amount '0' can fire pending Lucian Smith Lucian Smith 2015-08-06 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
286 Add description of which SBO branch applies to SBMLDocument pending Lucian Smith 2015-07-06 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
284 list of URIs for SBML MIRIAM annotations pending Christian Knuepfer 2015-05-04 Accept-no-conformance-implications 5  
282 'A Objective' -> 'An Objective' in FBC validation rules open Lucian Smith 2015-02-06 Reported-Proposed 5  
268 No validation rule for indirectly recursive functions pending Lucian Smith 2014-06-26 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
261 Level 1 packages should still be legal to use in L3v2. open Lucian Smith 2014-04-25 Accept-no-conformance-implications 5  
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