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This is the public issue reporting system for, the website and portal for the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML). Users are invited to report any issues they encounter (such as access problems, errors on pages, missing information, etc.) when accessing the web pages and services at

To create a ticket to report an issue, you must first log into SourceForge. Once logged in, a button for "Create Ticket" will become available in the left-hand column. (You can register for a SourceForge account for free.)

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# Summary Status Owner Creator Created
18 Tool conversion SBML level 3 to SBML level 2 open Izal 2018-02-12  
17 Dead link in open Matthias König 2018-01-02  
14 Add NSF/Google/Volkswagen to Acknowledgements of Funding open Chris Myers 2016-06-28  
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