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SASUnit / News: Recent posts

Release 2.0 is alive

Main feature in release 1.7 is support for TDD in Enterprise Guide:

You can implement and test your examinees and test sceanrios in Enterprise Guide.
Documentation functionality is restricted. There documentation speed is high.

See Relese Notes for details.

New release 2.0 is available in the download section.

Posted by Klaus Landwich 13 hours ago

Release 1.7 is alive

New stunning feature in release 1.7 is:

You can created your own SASUnit Style.
That means that you can comply SASUnit Reporting with your corporat identity.

All you need is to create a Style with PROC Template and export it to a CSS file. Here is a reference how to do it.

New release 1.7 is available in the download section.

Posted by Klaus Landwich 2017-07-17

New release 1.6.1 is available

Major feature of version 1.6.1 are:

  • BugFix
    • Error with built-in SAS macros like %cmpres is solved
  • New Feature
    • Run time of SASUnit is listed on the SASUnit report homepage
  • Documentation updates
    • Updated documentation for easier acces of user's guide
    • New section 'How to and Best Practices' in user's guide
      • Contains information to SASUnit and Jenkins
      • Answers to common questions (from a user post) are listed here
    • Video 'Getting started with SASUnit' is now listed on the summary page

New release 1.6.1 is available in the download section.

Posted by Klaus Landwich 2017-06-18

New release 1.6 is available

Major feature of version 1.6 are:

  • Three new asserts
    • assertText
    • assertImage
    • AssertExternal
  • Integrated program Documentation feature

New release 1.6 is available in the download section.

Posted by Klaus Landwich 2016-02-15

New release 1.5 available

Major feature of version 1.5 are:

  • A cross reference check. When you're changing a test candidate and run SASunit without overwrite, then cross references are checked. Any test candidate calling the changed one will be exectued too. In addition there is a graphical representation of the calling hierarchy.
  • Treeview section of SASUnit documenttaion is now purely css3 no javascript anymore

New release 1.5 is available in the download section. ... read more

Posted by Klaus Landwich 2015-02-09

New version 1.3 released

Some new features of version 1.3 are listeted here

  • numerous new assert
  • support for SAS 9.4
  • Rendering of reports now done via SAS ODS
  • SASUnit can report test results in JUnit XML format. SASUnit macros are currently tested in a Jenkins server installation at HMS.

New version 1.3 is available in the download section. There you will find a complete list of changes in the release notes

Posted by Klaus Landwich 2014-03-28

New version 1.2.1 available with test coverage assessment

A new version 1.2.1 has been made available in the downloads section. Test coverage assesses which lines in a unit under test have been executed during at least one test case.

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2013-02-26

New version 1.2 and most of documentation available

Version 1.2 has beed added to the downloads section. Most of the documentation has been provided in the documentation section. This is the first release with complete project management on SourceForge. Thanks to all contributors.

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2013-02-04

SASUnit project has moved to the new Allura platform

SourceForge has a new project management platform called Allura. Hosted apps and with this the Trac system formerly used for SASUnit will be retiring soon. The project has moved now to the platform.

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2012-07-06

Version 1.001 released

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2010-10-10

Version 1.000 released

Version 1.000 with full support for SAS under Windows and Linux has been released. See http://sasunit.sourceforge.net.

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2010-10-05

Source Code Documentation Available

Source Code Documentation for the SASUnit testing framework is now available at http://sasunit.sourceforge.net/doc/index.html.

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2010-06-15

Feedback wanted

We have quite a number of downloads now. Any comments about usability of SASUnit will be appreciated.

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2010-05-28

Interactive demo available

An interactive demo for the SASUnit test report output is now available at http://sasunit.sourceforge.net/rep/index.html. Links to source code are not yet operative. This will be fixed soon. Source code for this example test suite is available from the svn repository at http://sasunit.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/sasunit/tags/v00.904/example/saspgm.

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2010-05-28

SASUnit on sourceforge

The SASUnit project has been started on SourceForge! Current source code, some documentation and the first distribution package (SAS 9.1 on Microsoft Windows only) have been uploaded. We are planning for the first production version 1.0 which shall have support for SAS 9.1 and SAS 9.2 on Windows and Linux. Supporters are wellcome. SASUnit is supported by http://www.analytical-software.de.

Posted by Andreas Mangold 2010-04-26