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  • Committed [r570]

    renamed macro to a more meaningful name

  • Committed [r569]

    Updated version of interactively self test

  • Committed [r568]

    Added g_inSecnario

  • Committed [r567]

    Added todo

  • Posted a comment on discussion Support Requests on SASUnit

    It depends on how you start SASUnit. There are new parameters for reportSASUnit. For ease of use, they have default values. These values depend on the setting of SASUNIT_OVERWRITE. If you use overwrite the documentation is generated. If you don't use overwrite, assumably because you are updating macros or scenarios, the programdocumentation is not created to speed up processing. To ensure the creation of the program docuemtation you can set these parameters explicitly: %reportSASUnit(i_language=%upcase(%sysget(SASUNIT_LANGUAGE))...

  • Committed [r566]

    In a new installation folder for log files can only exist after it's creation

  • Committed [r565]

    Changed order of items

  • Committed [r564]

    Determine status of xcmd

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