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Sarg 2.3.10 is ready

The last version of the 2.3 branch has just been released.

Thanks to the work of Joe Hansen and Marcio Fernandes da Costa, sarg is available in Danish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2015-04-12

Sad news: I have no production server to test sarg any more

My employer decommissioned the server I was using to test sarg in a production environment.

I archived lot of access.log files before the server was turned off. I have material to test sarg but I won't have fresh files from now on.

More than ever, I need you to test sarg and, if necessary, provide the problematic log files.

Thanks for your help.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2015-01-16

Bug fixed in sarg 2.3.8

This new version fixes one single bug that prevented sarg 2.3.7 from processing downloaded volumes bigger than 2GB.

The fix is contained in commit [837398].

Thanks to Рустам Муса-Ахунов for reporting this bug.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2014-02-07

Bug fixed in sarg 2.3.6

The per user limit file was unusable because it contained the resolved user's address instead of the IP address.

It is fixed in sarg 2.3.6.

Thanks to xeus for reporting this bug in discussion [4813c172].

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2013-04-21

v2.3.3 with Danish and French translations

The archive containing sarg 2.3.3 has been updated to include the Danish and French translations. Any other file remains unchanged.

Thanks to Joe Hansen for the Danish translation.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2012-11-17

Sarg 2.3.3 has been released

Again, this version improves the overall stability of sarg when faced to corrupted or malformed log files. More debug messages are printed to help in diagnosing errors or unusual situations.

It is now possible to group hosts in the reports using regular expressions.

IP addresses can be resolved into host names through an external helper program. It may be possible to call nmblookup to get the name of a machine provided it is up when sarg runs.... read more

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2012-11-13

sarg 2.3.2 released

Sarg 2.3.2 is finally out after more than 14 months of slow development.

The most visible change is the addition of a script to dynamically sort the tables in the HTML reports (see the ChangeLog for credit).

Some links have been added to navigate through the report pages.

IPv6 should be fully supported in the reports but due to the temporary addresses assigned by default on some systems it may not be possible to track users properly.... read more

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2011-11-25

Sarg 2.3.2-pre2 available for testing

This second (and hopefully last release candidate) is available for testing.

Some minor problems have been fixed.

I couldn't resist adding a couple a new features that were requested and could be of some help to the users.

This release is mainly intended to the translators.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2011-11-04

Sarg 2.3.2-pre1 available for testing

The first release candidate of sarg 2.3.2 is available for testing.

It should be more robust and more tolerant to conditions that used to abort the whole report generation in previous versions.

Support for IPv6 has been improved. Testers with full IPv6 connectivity are welcome to report their experience concerning this point as my ISP doesn't provide any kind of native IPv6 support.

Host names extracted from visited URLs can be replaced by more meaningful names to improve the readability of the reports. It also groups similar URLs together to account for the real bandwidth usage of mirrors.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2011-07-04

sarg 2.3.1 released

Sarg 2.3.1 fixes several problems reported by users. It introduces no new features but should be more robust.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2010-09-18

Sarg 2.3 available for download

Sarg 2.3 is available for download. It contains numerous small changes and improvements. A short list follows. See the README file for more information.

The processing time should be reduced more or less drastically depending on the configuration (processing time dropped from 2 minutes down to 20 seconds in my most notable case).

This version is the first one to accept unlimited URL length (that is as long as a log line can fit into memory).... read more

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2010-06-21

Two new translations for sarg

Thank to the efforts of Juris Valdowskis and Gert Brits, two additional language files are available for download at the address

Latvian and Afrikaans users need to download the corresponding file, copy it in their languages directory and edit sarg.conf accordingly to enjoy sarg in their language.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2010-06-01

Sarg 2.3-pre3 released

The third release candidate of sarg 2.3 is available for download.

It fixes the scale on the Y axis of the graphical daily report and allow to report both the downloaded volume and the elapsed time in the graphical and textual reports (the two icons next to the user name in the report).

It also fixes a regression when using command line options -u, -s and -a to limit the report to a single user, site or address respectively. Those reports would not show up in the index.... read more

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2010-05-21

Second release candidate for sarg 2.3

The second release candidate for sarg 2.3 is available for testing.

It is released at this point because it was found that a user entering a back quote in his/her ID would prevent sarg from generating the report. It is a serious problem that needs to be addressed quickly.

Sarg now uses gettext to handle the translations. As a consequence, the old translations are obsolete partly due to the numerous changes made to the existing messages and mostly due to all the new messages that were not translated before. Any volunteer to translate sarg is welcome. Sarg can be translated through the Translation Project ( read more

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2010-05-11

Sarg released

Sarg 2.2.7 failed to compile on some computers. Version should fix that problem.

In addition, you can now change the font used to render the graphs. It will relieve those of you that are fed up with DejaVuSans.

As explained in a previous news (, the next stop is version 2.3 which is already under way.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2010-02-12

First release candidate for sarg

A compilation error was reported by some users in sarg 2.2.7. Version should fix it.

In addition, it is now possible to configure the TTF font to use to render the graphs with the new graph_font option. Previous versions used a hard coded font name.

The release candidate is proposed to let users test it and report any problem they encounter before the official release. It should avoid to reiterate the problem of the compilation error reported just after the official release of sarg 2.2.7.

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2010-02-10

Sarg 2.2.7 released

Version 2.2.7 fixes several bugs from version 2.2.6, especially with older gcc not supporting features used in version 2.2.6.

Performances have been improved a bit by reducing the number of file open/close during the reading of the access.log.

Some dependencies on external programs have been removed. It should benefit to users having an anti-virus scanner scanning (and slowing down) any external program launch.... read more

Posted by Frederic Marchal 2010-02-08

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