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    Preparing the release was faster than I expected. I think I got it mostly right :-). I upgraded gettext and released the files just now. Unfortunately, I have no server to test sarg any more (my employer dismantled the server back in 2014). So, I have no recent access.log to validate sarg.

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    Sarg 2.3.11

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    Thank you Javier for your translation. Strangely, the Translation Project failed to inform me about its availability (and the availability of many more translations). I just updated the v23 branch in git. I'll prepare a new release for version 2.3.11 with the updated translations. It may take some time though as I have very little time for this and gettext seems to have changed since I last used it. It complains about a missing /usr/bin/gmsgfmt file about which I can't find any information... In...

  • Committed [af0b74]

    Update translations from Translation Project.

  • Posted a comment on discussion sarg on sarg

    Starting to translate a pot file is quite simple actually. I recommend to download sarg-2.3.10.pot from the Translation Project's web site: http://translationproject.org/POT-files/sarg-2.3.10.pot I don't know where the link you mention comes from. The above link comes from the Translation Project where sarg's translation is hosted. Rename the file as sarg-2.3.10.es.po and adjust the header. For instance: # Spanish translation for sarg. # Copyright (C) 2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc. # This file...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #46 on sarg

    None that I can see. Sorry. An average desktop computer sends a lot of requests. Some are unattended such as system updates, software updates and so on. Others are consequences of user requests (css, images, js, ads, iframe...). You might filter out urls to only keep html pages. I don't know how many false positive that list would contain. And then you would miss any audio, video or exe downloaded by typing the url directly into the browser address bar (such as a link clicked in a mail). So, as I...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #46 on sarg

    You can't. That information is not available in the log. Squid only sees requests coming from network connected devices. Network devices don't advertise the reason they fetch such or such url.

  • Modified ticket #171 on sarg

    Incorrect variable type

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