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rtl8185-oss drivers

For now I'm started backporting of existed driver rtl8185 from realtek to our rtl8186 platform. At the end I want to see full-featured driver with mac80211 support to make it easier next extra-mac development.

На данный момент я начал портирование существующего драйвера rtl8185 от realtek на нашу платформу. В конце-концов будет реализована поддержка rtl8185 и официальной ветки mac80211, чтобы облегчить введение новых возможностей в mac-уровень.

Posted by N.Leiten 2009-12-18

Upcoming next version of WiveFW

It is known that mainstream development version of WiveFW went to Wive-NG project, for what i'm very thankfull to sfstudio. At least while I was intended in other projects. I'm making wive-ng based FW with overworked Web-interfaces and some changes to be like old-fashioned WiveFW. Also it'll be optimized for 2m/8m devices (flash/ram). Some changes will be commited to Wive-NG, all source-tree soon will be available at own git-repo.... read more

Posted by N.Leiten 2009-12-16

Pre Release of WiveFW version 0.6.1

This release is for showing, that we are still working. It is pre-release because some things not finished yet. But there are a lot of thing were done. Such as - WifiBurst mode for All Infrastructure modes and WDS(p2p) links, new scheduler in kernel(Real-Time one), Deprecated EdimaxFW - RAMdetection now works fine for all devices, Modular structure of FW makes possible free RAM from unused modules. Busybox was Upgraded to version 1.8.2.... read more

Posted by N.Leiten 2007-12-16

Some improvements expected in Wive-0.6.1

Hey, It seems to be more than 70% of work about Wive-0.6.1 have been done.
First of all, we changed Linux schedule to Real-time one.
Now kernel is modular, so it don't use memory as hungry monster. It got those modules which is needed to work.
I got some improvements with RTL8186 registers of EIFS, SlotTime, ContentionWindow and etc to improve link speed. Now with two rtl8186 boxes and WiveFW on it in p2p links there's max 'tcp' speed about 30Mbit (was 23-24Mbit).
Almost done wor with Web interface. I'm making design now.
Mostly ended Uprgade tool. So if you have WiveFW on some boxes, you can upgrade it without getting it home or something.
And I got binaries of 'pppd', 'pppoe' and 'pptp' for WiveFW. So it'll have ability to be a router :)

Posted by N.Leiten 2007-11-23

Some New in Wive-0.6.0, what often asked about.

For correct saving all changed configuration files to flash please make 'fs save'. So All your changes will be restored after reload.

In source-packet there's some specific kernel configuration, which will not work on most boards. I'm talking about correct memory-detecting for Edimax (or something like that) boards which can be disabled by commenting 'CONFIG_NINO_EDIMAXMEM' in '.config' or in 'make menuconfig' uncheck '8M Tiny selection ---> Add "Edimax" select_at_boot of RAM (8M)'... read more

Posted by N.Leiten 2007-07-08

Stable Wive-0.6.0 release

Included web-interface (not checked, so test it and submit bugs).
Deprecated JFFS2 because of unstability due to work with flash. JFFS2 replaced by TGZfs, now you must do 'fs save' command after all changes in configuration, so it can restore it after reboot.
Added 'vtund' just for testing, send me please work cinfigs, bugs, etc.
Some minor changes in 'wl' command.
RAMdisk now 1M size.

Posted by N.Leiten 2007-06-09

New Wive-v0.5.9pre2 Release

many BugFixes. Now included support for all RTL8186-based devices. FW in one file.
D-Link DWL-G700ap, Ovislink WL-5460 is revB. All others are revA. If you don't sure, just try it. Nothing bad happens if your choice was wrong. When uploading wrong version of FW it just do nothing...

In few days there are Readme on English and Russian will be released. And of course source-code of current FW.

Posted by N.Leiten 2007-05-12

New Release Wive-v0.5.9-pre1

Sorry for so long time waiting. This release is not last, and I think we started new line in FW. It'll be change more and more, I think in better way.

In general - added Vlan support and tested - works fine. Changed Ethernet drivers to version 0.0.4 and modified to 0.0.4b, so no big problems will apear.
Sorry for Readme-file, I'll make it on English and Russian on few days.

Posted by N.Leiten 2007-04-30

New forum about RTL8186 opened!

Wellcome to our new forum: http://rtl8186.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/

Posted by Dr. Morg 2006-12-02

Открытие проекта на Sourceforge.net

Радостная новость для всех разработчиков и пользователей ПО для SoC Realtek RTL8186.
Теперь у нас есть свой "уголок" на одном из крупнейших проектов Интернета!

Posted by Dr. Morg 2006-10-30

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