Multiple Roma-based WAR into EAR on JBOSS

  • gnekoz

    gnekoz - 2012-11-27

    I've just discovered RomaFramework which seems to be a promising solution for my needs.

    I  have create different web applications which are supposed to be nested in a EAR application running inside JBoss AS.
    The purpose of this architecture is to achive an easier deployment and - for WAR applications - to share the same EAR application's classpath (home interfaces, libraries, etc…).

    I deployed two Roma3-based application inside my EAR application, let call them A.WAR and B.WAR
    On JBoss startup the A.WAR initialization go smooth, but when it turns to B.WAR I have several issues:
    - spring XmlBeanDefinitionReader for B.WAR use A.WAR applicationContext*.xml files instead
    - roma SchemaClassResolver prints tons of warning message about twice definitions of same classe or resource

    Once JBoss complete startup I hit http://localhost:8080/B/app and I get A

    IMHO this problem could caused by:
    1. wrong Spring configuration. I'm a Spring "vergin" :) so maybe there is some tricky configuration that I missed
    2. browsing on Roma3 sources I noticed that Roma core class (org.romaframework.core.Roma) use some static attributes for keep aspects instances. Since all WARs share same classLoader (the JBoss Unified Classloader) could this be the cause?

    This problem is driving me crazy.
    Am I missing something? Or maybe Roma is not the right choice for this architecture? I need to give up?


  • tglman

    tglman - 2012-11-27

    hi, I understand your problem, can you attach your log here thnks,
    I'm not sure that the problem can depend from static instances but if you want tell me the exatly version you are running on I can give you a core jar with org.romaframework.core.Roma without this static instances, this instances aren't a requirement are only one optimization!

    we are moving on!forum/romaframework will be better post here.

    by tglman

  • gnekoz

    gnekoz - 2012-11-27

    Hi tglman,
    thanks for the reply.
    Since you're moving on google groups tomorrow I'll repost this thread with logs and conf files.



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