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Released Roma Meta Framework version 1.2.0

Roma Meta Framework - release 1.2.0

Main addictions and improvements:

CORE module:
- Created CollectionWrapper domain classes to display collections in better
way. Now there are two impl: TableWrapper<> and MasterDetailWrapper<>. See
the Handbook.pdf to know more
- Disable the class checking for hot-updates. Useful in production
- New refresh of multiple fields in one shot or the entire object
- Resolved bug on the session management under WebLogic AppServer... read more

Posted by Luca Garulli 2009-03-25

Published online the first draft version of Roma Handbook

Today Roma Staff makes available the first draft version of the Roma Handbook. This manual aims to describe Roma concepts, phylosophy, conventions and common how-tos in a unique place.

Why don't just continue to use the WiKi? WiKi is a great Web 2.0 tool in order to share knowledge. We'll continue to use the WiKi for tutorials and deep how-tos but we preferred to move most of documentation in the manual to be available also off-line.... read more

Posted by Luca Garulli 2008-03-27

Released version 1.0 rc4

Roma Meta Framework - release 1.0rc4

Main addictions and improvements:

- New Designer module to customize your application using the Drag&Drop GUI. It allows to change any configured annotations plus to layout screen and form areas.
- Deep refactoring of ETL-XPath module. Now allows to use scripting to define record and field transformers. Plus a new GUI in form of wizard to configure the ETL process
- New Reporting JR module to generate dynamically reports using Jasper Reports. Report can be in form of PDF, CSV and MS Excel.
- New "Web Ready" project type to start from a ready-for-the-web application
- Enhanced all CRUD inserting "report" button.
- Resolved a lot of issues (see SourceForge tracker)
- Minor improvements.

Posted by Luca Garulli 2007-12-10

Released version 1.0 rc 1

The Roma Project staff has released the new version 1.0 Release Candidate 1. After a short time of testing it will be released the final release 1.0.

Below the main changes:

# New XML Desktop to handle components layout
# Support of transition effects, tabbed pane and portlets
# Default components to change per user Portlet container settings
# Persistence Aspect now can be Transational, Atomic (old-way, worls always in Detach mode) and NoTransactional to achieve best performance in many cases
# USERS module was splitter (refactored) in USERS + ADMIN following responsability rules
# Introspection via GUI of HTTP Sessions
# Better JSP integration
# New Environment class to handle persistent variables in easy way
# Enhanced management of Set collections
# Loading of XML descriptors from JARS
# Date component allows to be resetted by the user
# New Workflow aspect: soon the new module POJO Workflow with a basic Workflow implementation
# New Scheduler aspect: soon the new module QuartzScheduler using Open Symphony Quartz engine
# Logs show the User Account if any
# HSQLDB used in embedded context: no more need to start server before the application
# Updated Test Presentation application showing new features
# Integrated new Echo2 and JPOX libs
# Optimized speed and memory consumption
# Many bugs resolved (see SourceForge Tracker)

Posted by Luca Garulli 2007-04-02

Released version 0.9.9

After about 3 months, the Roma Project staff has released the new version 0.9.9 with much improvements:

# New ETL aspect to import POJO from CSV files defining mapping rules by XPath
# New rendering components (Accordion, ImageButton, Image, TableEdit) and enhanced existents
# Integrated JSP module to use JSP along with Echo2 components
# New Roma Test Presentation demo application
# New IN operator in PersistenceAspect
# Cache in database operations
# Support for JDO2 Fetch Group to speed up queries
# Enhanced USERS module with Active Sessions, Info Categories, and more
# Tons of bugs fixed
# Much other

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-12-06

Released version

Released very minor update to include USERS module in WebWizard distribution.

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-09-17

Released version

Released very minor update to resolve roma.bat/.sh problem with paths with spaces.

This release is equals to 0.9.8 but these two files.

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-09-16

Released version 0.9.8

Summary of the new release 0.9.8:

- Full working USERS module to handle accounts, profiles, logs, etc
- New default installer that initialize USERS module by creating the admin account
- New Account Group classes
- New multi Environment management to handle individual environment settings
- New I18N Aspect annotation to translate the content of a field at run-time
- Rewritten dialog box messages with icons and a nicer look
- New AREA concept in the form to grouping components together
- New IMAGE render mode to display images
- New HTML render mode to display raw HTML/XHTML inside the form
- Enhanced CRUD placement of components (paging and result set)
- Select field now can bind also by index
- New Logout system destroying associated HttpSession
- New "Developer Mode" to display exception directly to the user form
- Info class now can contain an integer selection value
- Now CRUD are part of ROMA core and are used also by listbox and tables
- New Master/Detail desktop
- New QueryByExample filtering to add filter items to default query filled by
the object as "example"
- New APIs to know the current account
- Upgrade to JPOX 1.1.2
- Supported JDO2 FetchPlan feature to execute query with different detaching modes
- Supporting for field with the same name of reserver SQL/JDOQL keywords
- Improvements on default Echo2 Skin
- ANT CLEAN target now cleans distribution folder but config files to preserve
projects configuration across ROMA updating
- Many general improvements
- Some bugs resolved

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-09-12

Released version 0.9.7

Summary of the new release 0.9.7:
- Resolved many bugs
- RichText area component
- Enriched Domain-Users module
- New Query filtering system
- Inserted database-cp-cp30 optional module to use connection pooling embedded in Roma's web application
- Created first version of JasperReports module (in alpha)

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-07-31

Released version 0.9.6

Summary of the new release 0.9.6:

- New default look and feel
- Customizable AJAX delay message (transparent PNG bundled)
- Paging support in CRUD using real JDO paging query = less data in memory and much more speed on large results
- New query management: QueryByExample, QueryByFilter and QueryByText
- Session logout management
- New custom event to trigger lists and other components behaviour
- Update to the last tested release of NextApp's Echo2, EchoPointNG and JPOX (1.1.1)
- HTTP Upload component
- New Menu rendering for POJOs
- New customizable component to Auto-Install the user application at the first time
- Layout mode now allow to be named to aggregate components in the same block, popup, etc.
- Resolved DateField bug on date selection
- Removed Apache Tomcat dependencies
- Schema resolver now accepts custom classPaths by Spring's XML file
- Resolved bugs on I18N label assignment follow the inheritance
- Messages form (OK, YES/NO, etc) have an ID to be used on response call back to know what Message generated the event
- Now query on String fields are always in SQL LIKE + Case Insensitive mode
- Integrated Apache Common JXPath to write complex "selectionField" predicates in collections and array types
- Added jasper libs when you add aspect-view-echo2 module
- Date types by default are rendered as Date Field without time information. Use render="datetime" to force it
- Many bugs resolved and general improvements

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-06-26

Released version 0.9.5

New features:
- Full working JMX monitoring aspect
- Splitted JMX Monitoring Aspect in a separate plugin archive
- Support for datetime and time type fields
- Base POJO for pages called
- New Ant target to synhronize the DB schema for JPOX Persistence Aspect
- Some bugs resolved (FlowAspect in primis)

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-05-26

Released version 0.9.4

New features:
- Optimized refreshing system
- Enhanced CRUD generation and usability
- New Flow aspect to define the application flow by configuration (annotations and/or xml descriptors)
- Per user form pool to handle "back" behaviour
- First alpha version of Salsero, the Roma's designer tool
- Heavy refactoring on annotation, features and xmlschema
- Working version of domain-users module for user management... read more

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-05-18

Released version 0.9.3

Main new features:
- ordering of fields and actions using Java5 annotations and/or Xml files
- total refactoring of features supporting multiple aspects
- updated JPOX-JDO2 to the final release 1.1.0
- minor bugs resolved

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-05-09

Released version 0.9.2

New features:
- refresh of single component
- read-only mode on list and forms
- management of back between forms
- CRUD generation now allow multiple CRUD for the same domain class
- corrected some bugs on generation and at run-time

Posted by Luca Garulli 2006-04-27

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