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can we make it possible to add the contents of one book to another, similar to adding one mail group to another - i.e. "downtown" to "screen"?
or maybe there won't be such a demand for this kind of thing here??


  • Suzanne E. Arbet

    or perhaps just add a "select all" feature to the list of entries in a book

  • Daniell Freed

    Daniell Freed - 2001-01-22

    This is a bigger deal than it sounds because of the issues of recusion within the groups. How many levels of recursion do we show (for example: if group1 belongs to group2 which belongs to group3 which belongs to group1 we get a nasty loop)?

    As for having a select all members in an entire book this is already kind of possable (with the slight change I just made). In the advanced search option there is now an option under search in called "In Book" that lets you search in what books a user belongs to. If you search for rolodaptest personal book in the "In Book" field you get all of the contacts in rolodaptest personal book. You can do a select all (for each page of results) and add them to another book.

    I will leave this open, if this isn't sufficient. Doing a select all (for an entire book not just a page) in the library would be difficult because of the way I am handling the Alphabetical pages.


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