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Rolodap update

We are starting a major reviatlization of Rolodap, the popular web based LDAP group contacts manager.

Posted by John Lederer 2004-10-13

Rolodap 1.0

I just released the files for Rolodap 1.0!

I think everything should be functioning correctly. Enjoy!


Posted by Daniell Freed 2002-04-10

Another RPM

I posted a -2 rpm just now. The previous RPM was created with rpm-4.0.2 so it wasn't usable by mid older distros (RedHat pre 7.0, Mandrake pre 8.0). The -2 rpm was created with rpm-3.x so those distros will be able to use it.

Posted by Daniell Freed 2001-07-18

New release rolodap-0.94

I am getting closer to a 1.0 release, but there is still work to be done before that can happen. This release also marks the first time I have released a rpm format. There are no binaries for this, since it is PHP code, but this still makes it a little easier to get started.

Posted by Daniell Freed 2001-07-18

Demo available

There is a demo available at http://www,

Posted by John Lederer 2001-03-06

Rolodap v.3 & limited beta

We have been steadily improving Rolodap. The demo is currently at v.3 and we are just starting a limited beta, Also a Perl script to pull in Netscape Addressbook csv files is being developed.

Current code is in the CSV -- we should release an updated package pretty soon. We are anticipating the first production release sometime in April (fingers crossed).

Posted by John Lederer 2001-02-10

Rolodap-0.02 now available

The second release of Rolodap is now available for download.

Posted by Daniell Freed 2001-01-03

Rolodap Demo Now Available

A Rolodap v0.01 demo is now available to try out at:

There is also a tarball download available corresponding to this version available from

Posted by Daniell Freed 2000-12-21