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0.13.1beta Release

This release fixes the Czech translation.

Posted by Davy Durham 2013-12-29

0.13.0beta Release

This is a maintenance release just to fix some issues with compilers and platforms, stability issues and other bugs. Newer library version updates as well.

  • Many bug fixes
  • Many compile fixes (newer autotools, newer gcc, clang, 64bit, etc)
  • PortAudio v19 support
  • fftw3 support
  • PulseAudio support
  • some jack fixes
  • Updated Finnish translation
  • New Czech translation
Posted by Davy Durham 2013-12-27

From CVS to SVN

ReZound has now switched from using CVS to SVN.

All old history has been preserved in the new SVN repository.

The CVS controls have been hidden from the project page, but that does not disable CVS still being available. So if you have a checked out CVS tree, you will need need to check out a new tree using a command like:
svn co rezound-svn

Posted by Davy Durham 2008-01-27

0.12.3beta Release

Apologies for the long release time. This is a maintenance release just to fix some issues with compilers and platforms and other bugs. A couple of features were also added. See a complete list of changes at:

Posted by Davy Durham 2007-01-14

0.12.1beta Release

This release is mainly meant to address gcc4 issues and fix a few minor bugs. See a complete list of changes at:

Posted by Davy Durham 2005-09-04

0.12.0beta Release

This release adds a few new major features and some overdue bug fixes. See a complete list of changes at:

Posted by Davy Durham 2005-05-01

0.11.1beta Release

This is a quick fix for a mistake in the ALSA code. See also an important release note about ALSA:

Posted by Davy Durham 2004-10-26

0.11.0beta Release

This release is mainly to fix a build error that several people have reported. Beyond that it also contains a preliminary native ALSA implementation and a couple of other requested features. See an important release note about ALSA and a complete list of changes at:

Posted by Davy Durham 2004-10-24

0.10.0beta Release

It has been a while since the last release. The major changes include: libSoundTouch support (pitch and tempo change actions added), Adaptive Normalize, new audio output code (towards JACK correctness), some speed optimizations, more status bars, stability fixes, Spanish translation, and other fixes. See a complete list of changes at:

Posted by Davy Durham 2004-09-06

0.9.0beta Release

This is a major new feature release. Mainly: LADSPA, floating point as internal type, morphing arbitrary FIR filter, burn to CD and more. See a complete list of changes at:

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-11-11

0.8.3beta Release

Fixed an ogg/vorbis bug (doh, I thought I had added this patch in 0.8.2)

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-07-14

0.8.2beta Release

This is mostly a quick bug-fix release based on user feedback (thanks). Added a feature to the shuttle wheel to change rate by semitones (Thanks Gerhard Zintel). More complete Russian translation. Fixed a compile problem on debian woody. Fixed segfault on "Add Cue". Fixed a RH9 rpm rebuild issue.

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-07-09

0.8.1beta Release

This is mostly a quick bug-fix release. It fixes a few compile problems concerning includes and the pthread_rwlock_t types. Also, some i18n enhancements were made.

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-06-27

0.8.0beta Release

This is a major, new feature release, and it has been a while. The main changes include: new play controls, cue enhancements, a few new actions, new playback meters, FLAC support, better CPU efficiency, gettext support, and many other smaller enhancements. See a complete list of changes at:

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-06-25

Just an Update

Well, it's been a while since 0.7.0beta was released, but development is still very much active. I haven't made a release simply because I haven't finished implementing one of the major goals yet. (I usually like have one ready for each beta release). Hopefully it won't be too long now though. I received an interesting bit of information today: ReZound has been accepted into the core Debian distribution. WOOT! Thanks goes to Guenter Geiger for seeing that through.

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-05-23

0.7.0beta Release

This is a new feature and bug fix release. New features include: preliminary JACK support, a Repeat Count or Repeat Time when pasting data, Balance/Pan action, and some enhancements to the graph parameter widget. See a more complete list of changes at

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-02-25

0.6.0beta Release

This is a major new feature release including: New GUI Layout, Arbitrary FIR Filter, Playback Level Meters, Frequency Analyzer, New Transport Controls, Several New Edits, and More. I have also created a new mailing list on the SourceForge project page, so please subscribe if you are a regular user. See a list of the changes at

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-01-28

Long Time No Release

I know it has been a while since the last release, but I've been busy with my (new) house. However, I have already implemented several major features but want to finish one more (that I've already started) before the next release. CVS is usually pretty stable. So, download from CVS if you want to take a look at some of the new features.

Posted by Davy Durham 2003-01-02

Frontend Change

I've made a pretty significant front end change to a single window design. I would have liked to give the user a choice, but this seems to be a better layout. For anyone interested, please grab the code from cvs and see if you have any problem using the new interface. You may have to stretch out the main window to a larger size the first time you run (since it remembers window sizes from previous runs). Also, alt-1 through alt-0 will switch between opened sounds, and alt-` will swich to the previously focused sound.

Posted by Davy Durham 2002-11-08

0.5.1beta Release

Fixed a nasty bug with ReZound crashing RedHat 8.0 with some other specific sound card and drivers. Thanks goes to Jason Lyons for detecting this. Also fixed a potential segfault related to this bug.

Posted by Davy Durham 2002-10-28

Recording Issue

There is an issue with recording while running (at least) KDE 3.0.3 and/or aRts 1.0.3 but only when you have "full duplex operation" enabled. (under: Control Center -> Sound -> Sound Server -> Sound I/O) It's not just a problem with ReZound, but seems to cause issue with any application trying to record by opening "/dev/dsp". So, if you encounter this, please report it as a bug to the maintainers of KDE, aRts or perhaps even ALSA's OSS emulation. Maybe after some more investigation I will report it.

Posted by Davy Durham 2002-10-26

0.5.0beta Release

ReZound 0.5.0beta is mostly a new-feature release, but some bugs also have been fixed. New major features are convolution filters, distortion effect, better raw support and new Fit Mix Paste edit. See a list of the main changes at

Posted by Davy Durham 2002-10-24

Working on Convolution for the Next Release

Well, I know I said (somewhere I said it) that I would be working on effects preview for a release soon, but something I'm really wanting to do now is to add convolution. This allows you to do many interesting things, but my main objective is realistic reverb (not actually limited to 'reverb' though). Basically, you can go to any real (or simulate one) environment and record an impulse response (clapping your hands or hitting two sticks together) and then you can apply the characteristics of that environment (maybe a room, hall, outdoors or whatever) to an audio sample. Convolution is simple, but the simple implementation is unbearably slow. Making it fast with the FFT is fun. I've successfully done this and now I'm working on parameters to the convolution action as well as presets for some quick and audible results. If anyone has any suggestions, please add comments to this news item or email me.

Posted by Davy Durham 2002-09-21

0.4.0beta Release

ReZound 0.4.0beta is a new-feature and bug-fix release -- I am making this release simply because it has been a month since the last one. I have bumped ReZound to the beta stage now that I've received relatively few reports concerning compiling issues. See a list of the main changes at

Posted by Davy Durham 2002-09-06

0.3.0alpha Release

ReZound 0.3.0alpha is a new-feature and bug-fix release -- As some totally new code now exists I ask that you please report and bugs or crashes that you may have. Please try to determine under what circumstances the crash or bug appeared in. If all goes well in this release, I think I will bump it to a beta stage. See a list of the main changes at

Posted by Davy Durham 2002-08-07