Working on Convolution for the Next Release

Well, I know I said (somewhere I said it) that I would be working on effects preview for a release soon, but something I'm really wanting to do now is to add convolution. This allows you to do many interesting things, but my main objective is realistic reverb (not actually limited to 'reverb' though). Basically, you can go to any real (or simulate one) environment and record an impulse response (clapping your hands or hitting two sticks together) and then you can apply the characteristics of that environment (maybe a room, hall, outdoors or whatever) to an audio sample. Convolution is simple, but the simple implementation is unbearably slow. Making it fast with the FFT is fun. I've successfully done this and now I'm working on parameters to the convolution action as well as presets for some quick and audible results. If anyone has any suggestions, please add comments to this news item or email me.

Posted by Davy Durham 2002-09-21

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