#1 Whish list of a musician


Hello David, hello Anthony,

first of all thanx for this fine piece of software. I have read your message in
the DeMudi mailing list and gave it a try. For this early stage it behaves very
well. Especially as a piano player, I am searching for a software to practice
the difficult parts of songs. Therefor the looping mechanism and the cue points
are working excellent for me. Moreover, my songs are in ogg/vorbis format and
this also is handled very well.

One disadvantage is the fixed coding of the /tmp folder as working directory.
Most linux installations do not have so much space in the / file system. Why
don't you use the directory of the loaded wave file as the working directory? At
least, it should be user definable.

In the hope users could have influence in the development process I have a wish
list and I would like to discuss it with you.

I would like to play to difficult parts of a song in lower speed. The shuttle
wheel (a wounderfull implementation) shows me that playing the song faster is no
problem. Having the possibility to chose a lower speed for play back, best by
choosing the number of semitones to shift, would be a great improvement for me.

Shifting the pitch back to normal hight would be absolutely great. On the
keyboard its no problem to shift the tuning as well but for other instuments...
I think it's hard to implement this but maybe the code is already available in
the community. I will have a look into the open sound library for this.

Sometimes it's hard for me to analyse chords of a song. A tool for analysis (FFT
or autocorrelation) that shows the frequency or alternatively the note of the
selection (very well implemented in audacity) would be a great help.

Enough for the beginning. Maybe you have a complete different aim with this
software and it is not possible to extend rezound to the above but I'd like to
help with the coding as much as I can. Unfortunately I have only a few experience
in C-programing so I would need a little help in the beginning.

At least, sorry for my bad english



  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2002-07-17

    Logged In: YES

    Hello, thank you for the kind words...

    About the /tmp thing.. yes.. this has been on the TODO list
    for a while.. I just chose /tmp for a quick resolution to
    the issue. I did used to have it open the working file in
    the same place as the audio file, but one reason I changed
    it is because I was one day loading files from a cdrom which
    of course does not allow you to open a working file there
    were you loaded it from. So I'll move this issue up on the
    TODO and just go ahead and tackle the probably.. I should at
    *least* be a user preference, you're right. That's a simple
    thing to change and I will at least do that for now.

    as for 1) right now you can use Effects->Change Rate to
    alter the rate, however it's not in units of semi-tones or
    anything right now.... However this is just the sort of
    feedback I'm looking for, so thank you and I'll make a note
    of it. Since the shuttle wheel essentially does what
    Effects->Change Rate does, but does it in real-time, perhaps
    I look at adding a control on the sound window for adjusting
    the rate without doing anything permenant.
    Someday I hope to have an effects-bus panel that you can
    edit to re-route the audio and one thing you could do is
    route the audio thru a rate changer module or something.

    as for 2) This would fall under me getting my act together
    developing some FFT based effects. Using FFT I should be
    able to make significant changes to the pitch independant of
    the speed and vice versa... It's on the "next to do" on the
    homepage, so hopefully this will be available in the next
    few months. (However I've just started work on building a
    house, so my schedule is getting tighter). However, I do
    have an idea for changing the speed without affecting the
    pitch which is implemented by other existing software where
    basically very tiny chunks are smoothly repeated or removed
    to alter the speed without an apparent affect on the pitch.

    as for 3) again, this falls under my getting some FFT based
    actions created. However this is more an analysis instead
    of it having an affect on the data.

    Well, thanx for the feed back..

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2002-07-18

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    Today I've added some features to the shuttle control which
    you may find useful. I don't know if you're using the
    precompiled release, but you can check ReZound out from CVS,
    compile, and get the new features.

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2002-07-18

    Logged In: YES

    Today I changed ReZound to choose a little better where to
    put the working files. For now there is no preferences
    dialog. /tmp is the default location after trying to put it
    where the file was loaded from. If you want to change /tmp
    to something else, carefully edit ~/.rezound/registry.dat
    and change the fallbackWorkDir key to something else.

  • Gerhard Zintel

    Gerhard Zintel - 2002-07-23

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    Hello Davy,

    I have thought about my wish-list from above (I hadn't
    had an account at that time, so it's anonym) and I
    realised the following.

    You are coding an wave editor and the features, I'd ask
    for are more features of a player. All this features would
    not need to make permanent changes in the wave file
    when choosen.

    Nevertheless, it's also difficult to convince coder of
    player software to have this feature.

    From a designing point of view, a switch in rezound to
    toggle between play and edit mode would be great. In
    edit mode, changes like filtering, speed, ... are made
    permanent on disk, in play mode, they should be
    calculated on the fly.

    I haven't check out the CVS 'til now so I could not judge
    the changes you've done to shuttle control - but I will
    do it (after learning the CVS thing).


  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2002-07-29

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    Hi... sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I was expecting to
    receive an email when this forum changed.. I guess not since
    I just checked it and you had left a posting... Maybe I got
    to a mailing list format. anyway...

    I agree about your featuring be a "player's" feature, but
    there's no reason why some features of players cannot
    rightfully be in and "editor" So that's why I when ahead and
    implemented it.

    You can get a precompiled (unofficial) version if you wanna
    see the feature:
    if you aren't very familiar with CVS.

    Actually, I have plans for ReZound to be able to behave more
    like a player later in its life. Not totally devoted to
    that sort of thing, but like you say, a mode in which it can
    operate or be used. Something sort of laid out like adobe
    premier (which audacity is already following) where features
    like you mention would be common place.

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2002-08-01
    • status: open --> closed

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