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RetinaX Core 0.9.4 Released - Planet Terrain Rendering

This release contains Virtual Reality component which encapsulates other sub systems. It demonstrates how to build 3d applications in object oriented way. Another interesting demo feature is a solar system enviroment plugin for the Virtual Reality component. It can be used as basis for modeling solar systems with suns, moons and planets. A perlin noise generated spherical terrain can be used to model the terrain of the planets with seemless approach and landing to the planet. New example named RetinaTerrainExample applies these new features.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2006-09-10

RetinaX Core 0.9.2 Released

This release is scene graph and rendering framework update. The scene graph and renderer have been refactored for better performance. New features and improvements:

x Optimized scene graph calculations and rendering
x Rewrote exhaust steam particle effect to use billboard particles instead of simple vertex particles
x Added vertex level prescaling for meshes to avoid scaling meshes over and over again in each rendering cycle
x Improved simulation example
x Turned on triple buffering to achieve smooth movement

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2006-07-23

RetinaX Core 0.9.1 Released

RetinaX UI framework has gone through major refactoring and optimization phase. The user interface became several times faster than before and extending the framework for your own needs is much easier. It is now possible to write small 3D arcade games with very little effort and still achieve high performance and good quality.

In addition the following new features has been added:

x UI loading from XML template.
x Splash green with content loading indicator.
(See UI Example)
x Components: ProgressBar, GraphicsBox, TextureBox
x New UI textures.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2006-07-15

RetinaX Core 0.9.0 Released

Next major release of RetinaX has been released. There has been several additions and improvements to help you get going with your development:

x Optimized the rendering code.
x Removed some device initialization settings which could cause problems with some graphics cards.
x Added simulation framework.
x Added content repository for centralized content caching.
x Added textured planet mesh which can be used with cylindrical projection surface images.
x Added simulation example which demonstrates simulation functionality, planet rendering and content repository usage.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2006-07-12

First RetinaX Game Demo Released

Xiiris Arcade is the first game to use RetinaX and a demo of the game has been released. You can check it out at

Xiiris Arcade is an arcade 3d space shooter game.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2006-02-22

RetinaX Core 0.8.2 Released

Another optimization and bug fix release:

x Fixed bug which caused application to crash when it exited the full screen mode uncontrollably.
x Improved UI rendering speed.
x Added on click event to buttons.
x Various minor fixes and cleanups.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2006-02-02

RetinaX Core 0.8.0 Released

The major feature offered by this release is 3d sound support which consists of a convenient and simple sound API acting as thin wrapper around Managed DirectX Sound API. In addition there has been some optimization done with the particle effects, couple of small bug fixes and code clean up. The example application demonstrates the 3D sound feature.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2006-01-19

RetinaX Core 0.7.1 Released

This release contains some improvements, bug fixes, two new widgets and two new particle effects. Madget framework is cleaned up and closer to maturity. Example program has demonstration of all new features.

New Features:
- Madget Edit Box (Widget)
- Madget Button (Widget)
- Explosion (Particle Effect)
- Beam Weapon (Particle Effect)

Bugs Fixed:
- When Madget window is maximized content is transformed.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2005-12-28

Madgets - Widgets for Managed DirectX

RetinaX Core 0.7.0 release includes a preview release of a new UI framework for Managed DirectX:

Madgets - Widgets for Managed DirectX

- UI Framework
x Easy to understand UI framework
- Windows (Move,Resize,Minimize,Maximize,Close)
- Ready Widgets:
x Label

Madgets UI framework is now open for review and any feedback on implementation or design is welcome. We are also looking for new contributors on widget production line. You can contact us in source forge forums or by email:

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2005-12-26

RetinaX Core 0.6.1 Released

New Features:

* Simple starship (fighter) model decorated with texture made by Zzorn.
* Star sky sphere (particle effect).
* Engine steam particles now follow original trajectory.
* Rendering is now done on application idle time.
* Example application has now stars and a orbiting starship with exhaust steam.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2005-12-17

RetinaX Core 0.6 Released

New features:

* Particle effect support
- Example exhaust steam effect
* Full screen mode
* Camera does not define aspect ratio anymore
* More inline comments

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2005-12-15

RetinaX Core 0.5 Released

This is the first file release of RetinaX Seed Scene Graph Implementation for DirectX. The current target of the project is to provide simple and easily understandable scene graph implementation as seed to learn DirectX Managed API and to develope applications and games. Features:
* Create navigable scene with direct x and direct input with few lines of code.
* Add models, lights and cameras to the scene nodes.
* Load meshes and textures from direct x files.
* Use direct input to do live scene manipulation.
* Small and easy to understand source code.

Posted by Tommi Laukkanen 2005-12-13