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Recipe Radar v1.33 released!

I did it again - missing coordinates for new vendors. Sigh. Thanks very much for the prompt report at least, anonymous.

Posted by Jay Miller 2009-08-12

Recipe Radar v1.32 released!

The update for WoW 3.2 is a little late, but there turned out to be many minor changes in this version that took a bit longer than I would have liked. It's out now, though, so let me know if you have any trouble!

Posted by Jay Miller 2009-08-10

Recipe Radar v1.31 released!

Just a quick update to keep Recipe Radar compatible with the 3.1 client.

Posted by Jay Miller 2009-04-15

Recipe Radar v1.30 released!

This update is a fairly expansive bugfix release. The most annoying problem - "ASSERT" spam in major cities - is now fixed, and several other outstanding issues have been dealt with as well. You might want to check the ChangeLog for details.

I'd also like to thank everyone for your infinite patience in dealing with my not-so-regular release schedule, heh.

Posted by Jay Miller 2009-03-11

Recipe Radar v1.29 released!

Many people are starting to get into Dalaran now, so it'll be nice to have the new recipes available. This release also fixes major problems preventing the German and Russian locales from working. Please let me know if you find any more problems, of course, and enjoy!

Posted by Jay Miller 2008-11-16

Recipe Radar v1.28 released!

It turns out I'm not actually dead! And here's a new release of Recipe Radar after many patient requests from fans. It not only fixes the several serious bugs introduced after WoW 3.0, but also updates the database with all of the known vendor items as of now, including many WotLK recipes.

I'm still playing WoW (in fact, my guild just took down Kil'jaeden this week, woo), and I'll now be leveling with everyone else so it might be safe, finally, to look forward to more frequent updates. In any case, your support during the upgrade was most helpful - thank you all very much! I hope Recipe Radar continues to work out well for you!

Posted by Jay Miller 2008-11-08

Recipe Radar v1.27 released!

There was a major bug in v1.26 related to the Astrolabe library that was causing a lockup - most often when transfering between the new Island and Shattrath. This version fixes that bug and another rarer one. It also makes use of the new GetItemIcon() method included in 2.4 so we shouldn't have to see that question mark icon anymore.


Posted by Jay Miller 2008-04-08

Recipe Radar v1.26 released!

Disasterously, I forgot several new source files associated with mapping in the previous release! It's hard to imagine it working at all, though some people apparently managed. Anyway, thanks to the numerous excellent bug reports I figured it out and this release should be functional. Gah.

I should also mention the anonymous poster at SF.Net who tested out a small change to the zhTW recipe label parsing code. Thank you!

Posted by Jay Miller 2008-03-31

Recipe Radar v1.25 released!

I'm sad to admit that laziness overtook me for the last few months and yes, I completely missed the 2.3 client for goodness sakes. Recipe Radar is back now, though, with all of the new 2.4 content. Thank you for all of the letters of support over the last couple months - without them RR may not ever have seen the light of day again!

I've made several things easier on myself with this release, most notably regarding keeping localizations up-to-date. This release also marks a shift to Esamynn's Astrolabe addon for all of the mapping. As always, let me know if you have any problems!

Posted by Jay Miller 2008-03-27

Recipe Radar v1.24 released!

I was a bit late on this release after 2.2 due to WoWHead's slow update process - all of my scripts parse WoWHead now, so I'm fairly dependent on them. They did eventually update, though, so this release includes all of the new recipes.

Unfortunately, WoWHead doesn't have as accurate coordinates as it used to now that many people have been submitting data to it. Some of the locations, therefore, will be a bit off. I welcome any new data from you users.... read more

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-10-11

Recipe Radar v1.23 released! (Finally!)

It lives!

It turns out I don't have a sweet excuse for being so late on this release, though I did have a number of technical difficulties in the last few months. Part of the problem was a reluctance on my part to release a new version when the Spanish and Chinese translations were so incomplete. They really needed their own automation apart from my scripts that hit AllaKhazam because AllaKhazam is so incomplete on those two fronts.... read more

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-07-24

Recipe Radar v1.22 released!

The new Chinese translation apparently worked except that availability checking for Unicode locales was broken. This release hopefully fixes that.

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-04-14

Recipe Radar v1.21 released!

Thanks to Edeson, Recipe Radar now sports a Chinese (zhTW) translation! I have also, I hope, fixed the problem Spanish users were having with the detection of known recipes. Enjoy!

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-04-14

Recipe Radar v1.20 released!

I apparently never tested whether the new factions were being considered in the availability checking.. because they weren't. They should all work as of this release, though.

I've also fixed a few problematic recipes that were causing disconnects and such. Thank you to all the people who wrote in about this.

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-02-27

Recipe Radar v1.19 released!

Thanks to a couple of generous translations by Jorge Pozo and akirra, Recipe Radar should work much better for Spanish and French clients. Please let me know if I mistranslated anything into the database.

Finally, thanks to a little help from Elkano, I've filtered out seasonal vendors during off-seasons. Those unbuyable recipes will torment us no longer.

I've also tried to sync up with the known recipes again. Please let me know if anything seems to be missing.

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-02-06

Recipe Radar v1.18 released!

Finally, an update with all of the new Burning Crusade recipes! Please let me know if you find any problems!

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-01-27

Recipe Radar v1.17 released!

This is a quick bugfix release. If you are using the Spanish locale or were receiving an error on startup, this version should help. Otherwise there's no need to upgrade.

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-01-19

Recipe Radar v1.16 released!

This is the initial BC release of Recipe Radar. I'll try to update it relatively often as new recipes are found, and so forth. I also fixed a few bugs and inaccuracies some people had been having, so if Recipe Radar wasn't working for you, please try the new version.

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-01-18

Recipe Radar v1.15 released!

Many apologies to the German users of Recipe Radar - I had a hard time finding the new German location names from the last patch, and I've also been rather busy lately. They should all be in there this time, though.

I've also added class-based availability checking in this version. So, for example, Thistle Tea will now only apply to rogue characters. I'm sad to report that there doesn't appear to be any way to do a similar thing with time (for, eg., the Winter Veil recipes) because there is not, that I can tell, an API call to actually find out the time! If you know something I don't on this front, please let me know.... read more

Posted by Jay Miller 2007-01-12

Recipe Radar v1.14 released!

A small but nasty bug was showing up on startup for a lot of people. I'm not sure how I never saw it, but thanks for all the reports!

Posted by Jay Miller 2006-12-14

Recipe Radar v1.13 released!

Blizzard decided to change the names of the German capitals in their latest patch. This release accounts for those changes and a couple of German recipe name differences. (If you don't have a German client, there is no need to upgrade.)

Posted by Jay Miller 2006-12-08

Recipe Radar v1.12 released!

A few minor bugfixes accompany this compatibility update of Recipe Radar for the 2.0 WoW client. I've also added some partial support for the Spanish (esES) locale such that I hope Recipe Radar at least won't crash. We'll see.

Posted by Jay Miller 2006-12-06

Recipe Radar v1.11 released!

Minor bugfix release. Thanks to TDurden for pointing out that item linking was broken, and thanks to Arilaw for finding a bug related to specialization checking.

Posted by Jay Miller 2006-09-18

Recipe Radar v1.10 released!

Whoops, my specialization checking didn't work in v1.9. Unfortunately I don't have any characters with which I can test that feature, but I found some friends to graciously donate their accounts for a bit and it seems to work now.

I also applying a patch submitted by borohir of that adds Auctioneer and Recipe Book stuff to the tooltip for the little recipe icon. Thank you very much, borohir!

Posted by Jay Miller 2006-09-16

Recipe Radar v1.9 released!

Well, I missed the 1.12 WoW patch by a mile, but I think this upgrade will be worth it, especially to those who have been requesting features and generally following the development of the addon. This is because v1.9 sports a couple of very nice new features!

The first is that Recipe Radar now checks faction reputation and trade skill specialties for recipe availability! This means that when a recipe has the green available marker by it, it will (with a couple remaining exceptions) actually be learnable. The other major new feature is a name cache for recipes. If all works as planned, this version should mark the last time we will have to go through the mouseover dance after Blizzard patches! Hooray!... read more

Posted by Jay Miller 2006-09-05

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