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New mailing list

Quanta has a new mailing list on the KDE servers. The address to sign up is http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/quanta.

Please join us there to answer your questions and help you get more out of your Quanta exsperience.

Posted by Eric Laffoon 2003-02-15

Quanta Web Editor New Features

It seems like there's a million things we want to do to and with Quanta. We doubt it will ever be finished and we are nowhere near being able to spend time on the bottom of the priority list. However there are some new features since last time we posted news here. Let's look at them. If you haven't seen Quanta since early beta you will be surprised!

First there is now the ability to add user functions on the tool bar. If you haven't already check this out! You can create virtually any tag as well as execute scripts that can do anything you can think of. Consider the possibilities. You could create a CGI script to run in the preview window and bake your own dialog. The possibilities are endless.... read more

Posted by Eric Laffoon 2000-05-14

New Features

Quanta Plus now has a user modifyable tool bar. You can put virtually any tag you can imagine on it. You can also add scripts to it. The script feature is very powerful. You can do anything from a simple shell script like 'ls -l' to a perl script that that creates code blocks or even creates a new page. Please email us with any good scripts you may have.

We have also added two new forums. Wish list and Feedbak. So you can tell us what you would like to see in Quanta and also what you think of our feature implimentation. Of course bugs are still bugs, but if you think we missed something in a feature post here. Please use these new forums instead of email. We will be adding team members shortly and this is the simplest way to track requests and comments that don't fit in the bug category.

Posted by Eric Laffoon 2000-04-12

New news!

Quanta is now on Source Forge! Many people don't know about that so please tell your friends. Not only do we have faster downloads for those of us in the Western hemisphere, we have a lot of new features in Quanta since it first appeared!

Quanta now sports comprehensive HTML 4.0 docs, ftp and project management, built in preview and new context tag editing enabling you to edit HTML attributes, CSS and Javascript calls from a convenient tabbed dialog. Best of all we see these features as a starting point, not an ending point.... read more

Posted by Eric Laffoon 2000-04-06

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