Quanta Web Editor New Features

It seems like there's a million things we want to do to and with Quanta. We doubt it will ever be finished and we are nowhere near being able to spend time on the bottom of the priority list. However there are some new features since last time we posted news here. Let's look at them. If you haven't seen Quanta since early beta you will be surprised!

First there is now the ability to add user functions on the tool bar. If you haven't already check this out! You can create virtually any tag as well as execute scripts that can do anything you can think of. Consider the possibilities. You could create a CGI script to run in the preview window and bake your own dialog. The possibilities are endless.

Then there is our addition of wget on the project management. Now you can not only create a project on your system and upload it all at once with Quanta... you can aquire a project with wget built in.

This is the one I'm really excited about though, of course that's this week and next week... I'm getting ahead of myself. This is tremendously exciting. I have seen one editor with similar features but it lacked the functionality. Load up a page in Quanta and click on the 'struct' tag and have a look. You can see all the links and graphics up top! You can also see the who page in a tree. I figured this was important since it is easy to get lost on big pages with lots of tables. We have bookmarks too, but if you click the red + on the struct tool bar you will see everthing collapse. Then you simply expand it out and navigate! Click on an element and you are there in the editor! No more getting lost in tables!!!

Best of all there are even more fun and exciting things coming! We don't want to spoil the fun, but we have a long list of things we want. While we value your suggestions and encourage your participation in Quanta we are probably the most critical about making it the best tool for web development at any cost... and better yet at no cost.

Posted by Eric Laffoon 2000-05-14

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