#49 Crash on any JPEG set on Win XP

Program (114)

Version 1.9.3 installed from installer exe (includes updated DLLs). Win XP SP3. The following steps lead to crash:

  1. New HDR
  2. Load files
  3. Click Next

After this, I get the standard Windows application crash dialog.

If I check the alignment option before clicking Next, the progress bar goes to 100% and just sits there. The application doesn't crash and I can click Cancel.


  • Sam P

    Sam P - 2009-09-13

    I get exactly the same behaviour. If I choose to align the images with the hugin method, it will max CPU for a long time (maybe 10 mins) with the progress bar sat at 100% and then crash. The message indicates that it is align_image_stack.exe which has crashed. The Median Threshold method has much better performance, in that it crashes instantly.

  • Daniel Kaneider

    Daniel Kaneider - 2015-04-18
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Luminance_HDR_2.2.1

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