#1 QT6 Bug Fix Patch

Jordan Mendelson

I got angry because I kept hearing artifacts in my MP3s
and noticed your problem with QuickTime 6. I spent a
few hours learning QT and delving through your source
and fixed a bug that prevented QT6 from playing at all

There was a silly little check to see if the output
samples was greater than the input samples and if so,
limit the output samples. The input samples in this
case are almost guaranteed to be 1, but the output
samples should be much much larger. Removing this check
fixes the problem.

I've tested the fix with two ogg files, one at quality
7 and another at quality 2 with Quicktime 6.0.1 under
10.2.1 and everything sounds great.

I still think it'll end up skipping in some cases where
the number of samples from a packet is small for a
prolonged period of time, but I've had about all the
Apple programming I can take for a month (not a Mac
programmer), so this should do for now.

Your friendly hacker,

Jordan Mendelson


  • QuickTime 6 silence fix

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    There does appear to be the chance of underflow, but it may
    be simply because my build wasn't optimized. Upping the file
    reader's buffer size should help though, but I'm a bit
    confused as to which of the parameters actually does that
    (BytesPerPacket, BytesPerSample, BytesPerFrame, etc.)

    Anyhow, I'll let you figure that out.

  • Steve Nicolai
    Steve Nicolai

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  • Steve Nicolai
    Steve Nicolai

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