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1.0d8 released

This release fixes two bugs, MacOS 10.2.7 (Jaguar) is now supported (it was not in the 1.0d7 release). There was a bug in the new tag parsing code in 1.0d7 on MacOS 9 and X, that is fixed. There are no changes to the Windows release, so it is not being re-released.

Posted by Steve Nicolai 2004-05-11

1.0d7 released

Faster opening of files (especially on Windows.)
Support the QuickTime 6 Idle Manager to make importing more efficient on MacOS X
Can now open truncated files.
Can now open .ogm files (only plays the Vorbis sound)
Improved character set issues for characters representable in MacRoman or ANSI in tags

Posted by Steve Nicolai 2004-03-31

1.0d4 released

Includes Ogg Vorbis RC3 with it's many encoder improvements, and can now play on MacOS 9 computers.

Posted by Steve Nicolai 2002-01-17