#42 Pauses in playback


At random points, playback of the Ogg file will just pause and then
continue again. This with OSX 10.3.8 (PowerBook G4).


  • James Nash

    James Nash - 2005-05-04

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    Yes, I get this too. I always suspected it was the Ogg playback but I was
    never sure. Guess this kinda confirms it

  • Alexander Thomas

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    I experience this too, it's not just the playback that halts but the entire
    system freezes during a few seconds, except for the mouse. In iTunes,
    it happens occasionally with Ogg files. However, the same happens in
    QuickTime Player with ALL files, even raw AIFF. So I bet iTunes will also
    have these freezes when playing QDesign stuff and other QT movie
    files. It never freezes when playing AIF, WAV, MP3 or AAC because
    iTunes has its own decoder for those. For all other formats it uses QT.
    My guess is that it's a bug in QuickTime 6, maybe it's fixed in QT 7 (but
    then again, Ogg doesn't work in that one... yet).

  • Kristoffer Lawson

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    In response to drlex, I'm not convinced it's a Quicktime
    bug. I have no problems without the qtcomponents module. In
    fact, I once had an OGG module for Quicktime which worked
    fine (I'm not sure which it was, there were several some
    time ago).

    With QT7 the module does not work at all but just crashes
    iTunes as soon as it tries to play an OGG file. At least
    under OSX. It may or may not work with Windows.


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