#30 Track number tags missing


When importing ogg files into iTunes, the track number and total
number of tracks are not read from the ogg file (they show up as


  • Kevin Cramer

    Kevin Cramer - 2004-07-12

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    It would also appear that the year tag is missing even
    though it is in the Ogg file. I'm using 1.0d8 with iTunes 4.6.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I was just about to comment on this, but saw that it was
    already a reported bug. I thought that I would add (just for
    clarification) that this _is_ happening. I have confirmed
    that ogg files with the 'tracknumber' comment field declared
    still show a blank under the track number listing in iTunes.
    I do not know, however, know whether the maxtrack field was
    _ever_ a tag of the mp3 (which I am accustomed to dealing
    with) or if iTunes interprets it when multiple tracks are
    imported at once.

    In any case, it would be nice to see this taken care of. I
    would like to re-rip my music library to the ogg format, but
    if iTunes doesn't know the track numbers, it just makes me
    feel dirty. ;)

  • Tim Allen

    Tim Allen - 2004-12-22

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    I've read elsewhere that this is actually an iTunes bug. If
    you open a Vorbis file in QuickTime Player, then press
    Command-J to open the Movie Properties window, you'll see
    that QuickTime does indeed see the Track Number annotation.
    It's just that iTunes never asks for it.

  • Sam Halliday

    Sam Halliday - 2005-04-14

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    i also get this... it is so annoying that it almost makes the ogg support
    unusable. i seem to be able to see track numbers if i use a new id3tag, so
    i'm seeing about reparsing all my ogg files on the CL to see if that fixes it.

    at the very least there should be a hack to fix this if no elegant solution

  • Keith Lea

    Keith Lea - 2005-04-14

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    I should mention, I would use iTunes if it weren't for this
    bug, I'm almost sure. The only other ogg problem is the
    slight delays with ogg files, but I can live with that.

    This bug prevents me from playing albums (most of my albums
    are ogg), which makes iTunes almost useless to me.


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