#2 Add multiple subscribers to mailing list

Tom Collins

We should replace the TEXT field on the add subscriber
page with a TEXTAREA to allow users to paste (or type)
multiple email addresses for batch add.

QmailAdmin would have to parse through the list, extract
valid email addresses, and send them on to ezmlm-sub.
We should only have to exec ezmlm-sub once, and send
the addresses to it on STDIN.

If ezmlm-sub sees a bad address, it will terminate
immediately, so it might be necessary to monitor STDOUT/
STDERR on the ezmlm-sub process and stop passing
addresses if one fails.

It would be nice to return to the sub page, with all of the
remaining addresses that weren't added, so the user could
fix the offending address and continue with the rest of the


  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2003-07-15
    • labels: --> mailinglist
  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2005-01-01
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Matt Brookings

    Matt Brookings - 2009-08-14
    • status: open --> wont-fix
  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2009-08-15

    I'd like to leave this tracker open. It's a useful feature, and it would save me from having to do group subscribe/unsubscribe operations for some of my customers.

  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2009-08-15
    • assigned_to: nobody --> tomcollins
    • status: wont-fix --> open
  • Matt Brookings

    Matt Brookings - 2009-08-17

    The method by which it detects errors seems a little over-engineered. Pass the addresses to ezmlm-sub and just
    filter the output of any errors to the result page. ezmlm-sub already contains all the error handling.


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