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qmailadmin 1.2.1 released (late)

1.2.1 - 10-Feb-04

NOTE: Although released in June 04, this release is the CVS state as of 10 Feb 04, and does not have a lot of untested code added since then. That is why I say it is a late release. The current (20 June 04) CVS is untested, and may not function properly.

Release Notes:

This release adds valias support to QmailAdmin. If you
compile vpopmail with --enable-valias and use a database
backend, it can store aliases in a table instead of .qmail-alias
files. QmailAdmin can now manage those table entries.... read more

Posted by Rick Widmer 2004-06-25

Security Fix in QmailAdmin 1.0.25

If you're using QmailAdmin version 1.0.13 through 1.0.24 please be sure to upgrade to 1.0.25. It includes a fix to prevent users from configuring their email to forward to any program on the server.

1.0.25 also includes a program for converting Maildir-style aliases to address-style forwards. This will allow mail sent to aliases to be processed by a user's .qmail file properly.

Posted by Tom Collins 2003-07-25

QmailAdmin 1.0.24 released

QmailAdmin is a web interface for managing email addresses in virtual domains created by Vpopmail. This release includes more cleanup as we get closer to a stable release. Functional changes: works with non-idx version of ezmlm again, updated Japanese translation.

Posted by Tom Collins 2003-07-17

QmailAdmin 1.0.23 Released

This release fixes a serious problem with the "blackhole" feature added in version 1.0.19. Please read the CHANGELOG for information on finding and correcting any accounts that have the "blackhole" feature enabled.

This release also includes various cleanups as we work toward a stable/production release.

Posted by Tom Collins 2003-06-26

QmailAdmin on SourceForge

QmailAdmin has found a new home on SourceForge! We're going to release 1.0.21 soon and then set up CVS, bug tracking, and feature request tracking.

Posted by Tom Collins 2003-06-05