#17 Disabling per/user routing/vacation

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It would be nice to be able to disable the per user
forward to, vacation etc. options.

The reasons are numerous.

1. Even when I try to change the name or password of
the user, qmailadmin is overwriting .qmail file thus
interfering with maildrop/tmda operation. It shouldnt
overwrite the .qmail file or it should be more intelligent.

2. It is a bit weird that when I set rights in .qmailadmin-
limits that the postmaster doesnt have right to setup
forwards aliases and the users can still make
forwards/aliases as they wish with their accounts.

3. Some people might not want to give this option to
their users (eg. they want the users to really check their
emails instead of forwarding to another provider or want
to bill for extra service)

4. When a user forward's all his emails to another
account not knowing that when he doesnt login to his
account the last authentication date doesnt move
anywhere, the user's account might be deleted if the old
accounts are periodically purged.

Any suggestions?

Evren Yurtesen


  • Tom Collins
    Tom Collins

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    1) Is a known issue that we plan to address in the 1.3
    development series, with a back-port to 1.2.

    2) Forward/alias limits are for addresses not tied to an email
    account. A user isn't necessarily creating a forward, they're just
    forwarding their mailbox offsite. The bandwidth impact should be
    minimal -- outbound SMTP delivery of email instead of inbound
    POP/IMAP pickup.

    3) Those who don't want to allow it can edit the template to
    remove the fields. It would even be possible to have hidden fields
    displaying the current settings, and visible fields for when the
    postmaster is logged in. This wouldn't require any changes to the
    qmailadmin code base.

    4) I'm not sure what we would do about this option...

  • D.W. Odom
    D.W. Odom

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    I have to agree. I have to deal with the issue of forwarding
    with two different companies that need to disable users from
    being able to forward their emails, but the "postmaster"
    still needs this ability.

    What would be the best way to impliment this so I can give
    the qmailadmin access back to the users yet control the


  • Tom Collins
    Tom Collins

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  • Tom Collins
    Tom Collins

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    The 1.2.6 release corrects issue #1 on your list -- when QmailAdmin
    rewrites the .qmail file, it will keep any delivery lines that it doesn't
    recognize (they move to the top of the file, hopefully that doesn't cause
    any problems...)

    It might also be helpful to try to track whether the delivery options have
    changed or not, and to only touch the .qmail file if they have changed.

    I also have code in development that provides a simple 'change
    password' interface for users who just want to change their password.
    They enter their email address, current password, and new password. If
    all is good, they're one click away from updating their password (and
    nothing else). This might be a good alternative for those who don't want
    their users modifying their account settings.

    I think that I can modify the template to conditionally display that
    information -- admins see it but users don't (the information appears in
    hidden fields, or I just have a field that indicates to QmailAdmin that it's
    not editable).

    In the 1.2.6 release, the Vacation option is now a checkbox separate
    from the delivery section. Is it OK to leave that in?

  • D.W. Odom
    D.W. Odom

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    Yes the other options are not any security concern. The
    forwarding is an issue because they can forward email to an
    external email address.

  • Matt Brookings
    Matt Brookings

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