#84 No delete from list in "Show subscribers view"

Broken (26)

Deleting address from mailing lists using the corresponding trashcan icon in the "Show subscribers" does not work, but replies:

"a0b.net removed from mailing list x@y.com"

Note the zero "0" where you'd expect an "@" sign.

Deleting using the "Delete subscriber"-button on the "Mailing lists" page works fine however.

Tried 1.2.11 and 1.2.12 with vpopmail 5.4.13.


  • Kami Petersen

    Kami Petersen - 2008-09-10
    • summary: No delete from list in "Show subscribers view --> No delete from list in "Show subscribers view"
  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2009-05-02

    Cannot reproduce.

    If you look at the HTML source, does it contain the '@' or a zero?

  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2009-05-02
    • status: open --> open-works-for-me
  • Kami Petersen

    Kami Petersen - 2009-05-04

    A zero. Still not working. Everything else, including deleting addresses by typing them in works. Is there any difference between how the code for the trashcan button operates from the form based method?

    Currently running qmailadmin 1.2.12/vpopmail 5.4.27/openbsd 4.4.

    HTML attached.

  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2009-05-04

    I need to content of the show list subscribers page so I can verify the delete links. In my test, the link looked like this:


    What we browser are you using? Does it work with other browsers?

  • Kami Petersen

    Kami Petersen - 2009-05-04

    Firefox, always stable, currently 3.0.10.

    Links seem to be like yours, see attachment.

  • Kami Petersen

    Kami Petersen - 2009-05-04

    Same problem with IE 7

  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2009-05-04

    Just tested with Firefox and worked fine. After clicking the link, what URL do you see in your browser? Does the newu parameter have %40 (cgi-encoded @) or something else?

    If you check the apache log, what does it show for the URL? I want to make sure that QmailAdmin is getting the correct URL, and it isn't some sort of firewall program trying to protect you by preventing email addresses from getting sent in the query string.

  • Kami Petersen

    Kami Petersen - 2009-05-06

    This is the url that shows in the adress window after clicking the trashcan.


    Possibly of interest is that while hovering over the trashcan I noticed that the url displayed in the "status bar" at the bottom of the browser window shows "@" rather than "%40" for newu.

    Double checked the html source regarding the trashcan link, still "%40" though.

    Apache logs: - - [06/May/2009:18:09:42 +0200] "GET /mailadmin/qmailadmin/com/dellistusernow?user=postmaster&dom=y.net&time=1241625692&modu=a&newu=x%40y.net HTTP/1.1" 200 6239

  • Tom Collins

    Tom Collins - 2009-05-08

    This is a real mystery to me. It is deleting the address, the apache server is logging the correct URL, but for some reason it's displayed incorrectly.

    Is that the only place in QmailAdmin where it shows a 0 instead of the @?

    Can you email me directly with a QmailAdmin postmaster password for your server and I'll take a look at it myself? I haven't heard any other reports of this happening.

  • Kami Petersen

    Kami Petersen - 2009-05-08

    Just to clarify: the address is not deleted, it remains in the list after you click the trashcan button. However, addresses when typed in using the delete user form are correctly removed.

    Theory: Are there standard or third party libraries involved in unescaping the URL %40 stuff that might be behaving slightly differently/more strictly on OpenBSD?

    Anyway check your mail.


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