#8 Unify interface/device selection


Currently the interface/device selection dialogs have 2 popups: a 'normal' drop-down list and a popup menu under the '>' button.

Both have their advantages: I love how the '>' view shows the card descriptions and default to 'functional' names ('hw:UA25EX' rather than 'hw:2'), on the other hand the combobox dropdown is more familiar.

The attached patch removes the '>' menu and customizes the dropdown to show the card descriptions. It also factors out much of the device enumeration code from qjackctlSetupForm.cpp to a newly introduced qjackctlInterfaceComboBox.cpp.

My QT and C++ are both rusty, so this patch will probably need a couple of iterations before it's ready for inclusion, but I'd love to hear what you think and what you'd like to see improved.

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  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2013-07-13
    • status: open --> pending
  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2013-07-13

    nb.this new interface is severely lacking of some macosx/coreaudio testing :(


  • Arnout Engelen

    Arnout Engelen - 2013-07-14

    Rumour has it Travis (https://travis-ci.org) now supports MacOS, might be cool to check out - so we can at least check it compiles...

  • Rui Nuno Capela

    Rui Nuno Capela - 2016-04-04
    • status: pending --> closed

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