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  • Committed [13e488]

    Merge branch 'master' into oscx

  • Committed [872a38]

    - Preparations for v0.8.4 (end-of-summer'17) beta release.

  • Committed [f66826]

    - Preparations for v0.8.4 (end-of-summer'17) beta release.

  • Committed [0410f7]

    - Assigned MIDI Controllers to plug-in's Activate switch are

  • Committed [238e43]

    - Fixed NSM salvage for newly fresh created MIDI clips.

  • Committed [a0600a]

    - Fixed NSM dirty/clean toggling.

  • Modified ticket #236 on Qtractor

    Look'n'feel: same color for same velocity in MIDI editor

  • Posted a comment on ticket #236 on Qtractor

    please check menu View > Note Color or View > Value Color -- if any of these are in effect, the piano-roll colors should be independent of the track's color, but to the note pitches or velocities respectively. hth. cheers

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2003-02-13 14:12:00
Amadora / Portugal / WEST


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