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Version 0.6.6 Released

qc-usb version 0.6.6 has been released. This release fixes compilation problems on FC6 and other distributions that no longer use <linux/config.h>.

Posted by Kurt Wall 2006-11-04

Version 0.6.4 Released

qc-usb version 0.6.4 has been released. This release fixes a spinlock bug and fixes compilation failures on the latest 2.6.x kernels.

Posted by Kurt Wall 2006-05-07

New maintainer: Kurt Wall

Looks that the community of qc-usb users have a reason to celebrate: Kurt
Wall (krwall at sourceforge) volunteered to maintain the driver.
I'm convinced that he has the skills to do it, and no doubt that he will do
a superb job compared to what I have been doing lately.

I'll still stay around and help when I can. Thank you Kurt!

- tuukkat

Posted by Tuukka Toivonen 2006-04-24

Messenger/Communicate driver

A QuickCam Messenger / Communicate
driver was developed by Christian Magnusson based on qc-usb and
Mathias Kster's work. The newest version
is 0.8 and was available at the original site
http://home.mag.cx/messenger/ until it went down.
A mirror is available here: http://www.ee.oulu.fi/~tuukkat/quickcam/messenger/

Posted by Tuukka Toivonen 2005-01-19

Another release out

qc-usb 0.6.1 is now here. Let me remind you,
that it intends to replace qce-ga; using qce-ga
is not recommended, use qc-usb now!

List of new features is shown by clicking
on "files" in the menu above and then the qc-usb package
name at the version 0.6.1.

Posted by Tuukka Toivonen 2004-08-02

New Quickcams don't work

Important! New Quickcams do not work the
qce-ga nor with the qc-usb driver! So beware this
if you are purchasing a new camera. A camera almost
definitely works if it has USB VendorId 046d and
ProductId one of 840, 850, or 870. New Quickcams
have ProductId of 910 or 920 and these don't work!

Posted by Tuukka Toivonen 2004-02-19

qc-usb released

After a long wait, qc-usb has been finally released.
Its initial version is 0.5.0 to denote that it's intended to supersede
qce-ga. However, some compilation problems have been
noticed. If you have problems with 0.5.0, try the CVS version
from http://www.ee.oulu.fi/~tuukkat/quickcam/qc-usb-cvs.tar.gz

Posted by Tuukka Toivonen 2003-06-27

New release 0.40d

This is a maintenance release. Issues in compilation or bugs have been
fixed on S.u.S.E. distribution, non-x86 systems, and kernel versions 2.2.22
and 2.4.20. No new features is added, as compared to the previous release.

NOTICE: if you're running linux kernel version 2.4.19 or 2.4.20,
you should apply this patch to the kernel source:
http://www.ee.oulu.fi/~tuukkat/quickcam/linux-2.4.20-videodevfix.patch... read more

Posted by Tuukka Toivonen 2003-01-31

new release

It think it was to release before add new features...

Posted by Jean-frederic Clere 2002-05-31

Color control patch release..

We have added a patch for color control of the camera
whilst it is in operation. The patch can be downloaded
at http://qce-ga.sf.net/mdj.html.
It is applied to the CVS version of the driver

Posted by Peter McConnell 2001-10-24

new release 0.40a

A lot of fixes. Support of different ouput formats.

Posted by Jean-frederic Clere 2001-04-24

Photobit sensor support added

I have added the support for Photobit sensor.
As I do not have such a camera someone will have to test it. - use cvs to get lastest version of code -

Posted by Jean-frederic Clere 2001-01-06

release 0.20b

A new release is available for download - Have fun testing -

Posted by Jean-frederic Clere 2000-12-15

Camera model number

The camera model number of the quickcam express is not related to its sensor type. As such (apart from pulling apart camera) there is no way of telling what the photo sensor is.
If you have a logitech quickcam express the only way
to tell is to try it.

Posted by Peter McConnell 2000-12-07

Jeans driver

Posted by Peter McConnell 2000-10-18

Jean-frederic clere has v4l driver

Jean-frederic clere has manageg in a very short time to put together a working v4l driver for the logitech quick cam the driver is still pre alpha but works. Take a look at

Posted by Peter McConnell 2000-10-18